Hiring for Fit: It's Not All About Qualifications

Hey Jobcasers,

This is a post that I think will be of use to both the employers and the employment opportunity seekers of Jobcase, because I want to go into probably the most fundamental mistake we make when it comes to hiring: Caring more about the Resume than the Person.

Now, if you're like me, your resume holds a special place on your hard drive and sometimes, late at night, you open it up just to look at it and smile (okay, so maybe I'm a…

Hi Gage Cherry , very informative post. Wouldn't you say the trend seems to be turning? It feels like hiring managers are more…

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

She can start out as an entry level admin. It is not hard. I have done it for years, and had no experience at all. My first job…

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Cultivating Healthy Work Environments

All jobs can be stressful, but I've found that teamwork, encouragement, and a positive environment helps tremendously. It can make a stressful job enjoyable! Toxic, passive-aggressive work culture results in less happy workers and less work being done right. When employees have a healthy environment to thrive, they will indeed thrive. Not only for themselves, but for the entire business. Unhealthy work environments are draining, and people are…

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Good point! Having a team the works together helps in a toxic environment

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You are choosing a job, NOT the other way around.

I don’t recall how I joined this site and forum. I started passively searching for new career opportunities while still working with my current employer so i haven’t been actively using this site and forum - but I have been seeing the email notifications come through and reading how so many are suffering in their situations. I thought I would share some words for comfort / wisdom / support / advice - you can choose.

We watch a lot of super hero…

Your parents are extremely rare individuals.

Intelligent and forward thinking. Due to that guidance example and motivation you…

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I kept a positive attitude at work by

follow all the rules, collaborative, clean, friendly!

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vanessa moncada de hernandez Teamwork makes the dream work

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Go the other way

Horrible place to work ... Storage is very old the district manager overdosed and was found dead staff in corporate office kept it a secret only told ppl who they felt mattered it’s family owned so it’s their way or NO way and if Janine feels you can do her job better than her she will manipulate your work turn over rate is high

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Hi Jacquelyn Bristol - that sounds like an awful work environment. Are you still working there or are you currently looking?


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I went and weld tested yesterday,welded great got good feedback.but didn't get the job because of a cultural gap.wtf does that even mean.

I went and weld tested yesterday,welded great got good feedback.but didn't get the job because of a cultural gap.wtf does that even mean.

Hi Kelly Rolph here is some info that may be helpful. When in doubt always ask the employer to clarify further. Keep looking you…

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When you don't like your job..

Everyone has had a job they didn't like at least once or twice. If you ask 10 people if they like their job, more than half would say they didn't. So I ask, if you don't like your job, how can you work and do it well? We all need money and in order to get it, this means we are doing something we don't like doing and therefore are unhappy.

Some people can afford to quit their jobs, I know I've done it. I was unhappy with my boss who was screwing…


The suggestions Stephanie mentioned really helped me to move on to after what I really enjoy doing with my life. Thanks Stephanie!

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I kept a positive attitude at work by

I love the variety of people I meet on daily basis all different race and creed from all over the world I have found our commonality we are the same in so many ways. I smile at GOD handy work!

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I'm so glad your work has exposed you to all types of cultures and lead to you see just how similar all people can be. That's…

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Bad owners

I don't believe people leave bad jobs but rather bad bosses and owners. It's been my experience that in order to run a business successfully you not only have to have a great team of employees but a great boss and/or owner that truly appreciated their employees. For without this people who can be amazing assets are pushed away and told they are not good enough, or that they can never succeed in life because they are not worth it, these people are…

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I agree that sometimes people do leave for a variety of reasons which could include their co-workers, bosses, or they may just…

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My biggest challenge I overcame at work was...

The biggest challenge for myself was being from the valley and now working in a small town in the international border. Being I don't speak Spanish it made it a little more difficult to communicate at times, but you find a way regardless. Everybody understands kindness in any language.

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