What did you love about working at #BurgerKing?

What made it a good job?

Please don't if you never

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If the government shutdown affects your job…

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the government shutdown you are not alone. An estimated 800,000 federal workers are also affected by the shutdown, but we are here to help! Not sure what the government shutdown is? You can read more about it here and here.

If you are not impacted directly by the government shutdown, please feel free to leave some words of advice or encouragement for those who are.

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To me I believe Government shutdawn is not showndwan as retrench ,so is for a while .except if they refused to pay workers. But if…

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Our Culture and empowerment to do the right thing even on the frontline!

After working in private industry for 30 years, I had the remarkably good fortune of getting hired by Southwest Airlines! Without a doubt, THE best Company to be with as an Employee and as a Customer. From the top to the frontline, SWA treats everyone of us as Family, valuing and practicing The Golden Rule, and embracing having Fun in the workplace. Excellent benefits package which includes not just competitive healthcare, but dollar for…

I retired from there after 27 years. I was able to retire in ny 40s with the profit sharing and 401k . Best company ever

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Over the road

Most dispatchers don't like most of their drivers and try too make them look bad with that said if you want to find out if its true watch how they talk about over drivers when you are in dispatch cuz if they talk shit about those driver then their talking shit about you they play games with our jobs if they can make a driver look bad they look good they screw up loads too make us look bad the most dispatchers don't want us to run the way we want…

ive worked for a lot of different companies in my 30 yeas and they all have good and bad.bout the only difference in most of em is…

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About the culture...

Get the inside scoop on what a company is ALL about by asking these questions during your next interview or at a job fair! This will help to determine if their work culture is right for you.

-Where do the people who work here usually eat their lunch?
Are they eating while they work at their desks? Do they offer a common area to share their lunch time? Do they go out for lunch together? Figuring out how employees spend their lunch will tell you…

I had a job I hated before and I feel like if you don't ask questions and you just say yes you might end up screwed.

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Jake Hagen Yes it's always good to be prepared and make sure to ask the right questions. I am so sorry that happened but it's good…

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I’ve been seeking work for a month now. I recently quit my last job due to very dangerous work environment that caused me to have anxiety attacks, panic attacks, stress, and depression. Something has happened to me that caused me to worry about if I was going to make it home in the morning.

I am venturing off into different areas of work, but I can’t get very excited about them. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, or my time, going through the…

I sounds like the experience of being held at gunpoint has given you anxiety or PTSD, very understandably. From what I have read…

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Frustrated Employee

I have a Bachelors in Science and am a licensed Veterinary Technician. I love the job. I'm passionate about it. However, I have found it difficult to find a place to work where employees are respected and nourished by the employer. It seems to be a trend in the veterinary field, or at least that has been my experience. I have searched everywhere that is within a reasonable distance from me and can find nothing else. I'm almost to the point of…

Hi Sunni T ! It sounds like to me that you need to research the culture a bit more before you apply. Check out sites like…

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Jobs for introverts

I'm someone who has autisim (well asperbergs) and anxiety, I'm also a introvert who hates group projects and small talk (specifically phone calls). Is there any type of job that doesn't have to deal with those 3 things? Just curious.

Carlie Stanco I recommend looking into being a technical writer or accountant. I think with every job there will some form of…

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Team work makes the Dream work

I’ve been a seasonal fulfillment associate at Amazon for about two months now. So far so good, Everyone goes out of their way to help and encourage each other.

On the first day, I thought to myself, what did I get myself in to? It was quite overwhelming, but by the end of day 2 of my shift, I realize I was creating a second family. The energy, motivation, and determination to get the job done helped me to push through the hours. Even though it’s…

4 Reasons Why Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Leaders understand that to achieve goals, it’s important to have everyone working in…

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Need a job,They hired me , almost a year ago!

30 more days and I will have been at my job for a full year,full time ! I would highly recommend to all reading this to try your area GOODWILL go online and apply . They hire all including those with hearing and sight disabilities. Awesome place to work

Great job! Your determination to stay the course proved rewarding. Thank you for sharing your experience with the…

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Too much anxiety

I quit because I could not get over the nervousness and insecurity I felt after 2 1/2 months on the job.

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I am sorry to hear that L Montoya sometimes it's just not worth it to stay if a job is making you feel miserable!

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