be the people. Very team oriented and a great learning experience.

Curious what job everyone applied to today


Yes, John I was able to apply for some positions today.

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Looking for a company that believes in Teamwork and cares about their employees, the committee for whom they Service and the company they do business under.

One perk of my job would have to be, being able to help customer’s pets. Whether it relates to healthy nutrition for them or figuring out possible allergies and how to avoid them. Either way I just enjoy being able to get a stressful situation under control, and making sure everyone is leaving healthy and happy.

I was fired today for being to Socialable. How do you get Fired for being Social!!! Because i am Friendly with people really!!!!!

What well first of all that don’t seem fair unless they thought you were doing more talking then doing your work... see more

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My manager is unpredictable--he takes his anger out on his coworkers, myself included. It makes our office a hostile environment. I don't want to speak up since he is my supervisor, but I hate coming to work. Anyone have experience with this?

I don't agree. Move on if your not happy. Life is to short to be miserable . There is always something better.

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Helping Staff and Faculties gave me some satisfaction to know that being an asset has its own reward.

Been at a company for 2 months. I have been having issues with another male colleague who cant seem to take no for an answer to his advancements. He escalates and touches me inappropriately and I alert my supervisor a bout it. They suspended us both, monday it will be a week till further notice pending investigation into the allegations. There idea of investigating it is to alert everyone of what happened. Even if I come back to the plant, those... see more

I'm so sorry to hear that.

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Healthy boundaries at work is vital.

Good Point Patricia Padilla . Thanks

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Fast pace environment but productive. Good camaraderie and good people. Good place to work.

Recently 3 of us has was all put in the same office. I found an email between the other to that was done on company computer and company time talking bad about me. Ugly names and bad profanity. I turned it over to HR but it has been almost a month and nothing has been done

That's horrible, Lisa Webb ! I am so, so sorry you had to go through this. Have you followed up with HR since?

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