Hard worker with Great people skills

I have had roles for over 20 years in the office sales industry. I have also owned my own restaurant for four years. Owning my own restaurant was very rewarding however and the time I felt this was not fair to my two small children. I would love to get back into the restaurant business now that my kids have grown up and my wife has her part time job. In my position as VP and Co-Owner of the restaurant I handled all aspect of the restaurant…


I really need a job at a restaurant

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Two truckers share their stories

Meet Nailah and Martin!

Two different people who truly love what they do, which is driving a truck.

Sometimes in life, you need to think outside of the box.

When a friend suggested that Nailah attend truck driving school she stood in front of her in high heels and a dress and thought NO way was this for her. Today she happily says, “I am in a place where I don’t have to want for anything. I am happy. I don’t have bill collectors calling me…

Well I know it is not for me but I am grateful for those who is in the business.

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Stressed out

I have been on about 30 interviews and haven’t got a call back on nothing except 1 and I was told that I didn’t fit the type of person they wanted to hire even tho I have over 14 years experience as a server cook and cashier. I’m trying not to lose faith and hope but it’s hard especially with bills and kids so frustrating

I'm sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. Consider your own business, a franchise of a common name restaurant or your…

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Better job offer,more money.... Or stay where i am?

I recently started a new job in my field which is cooking. Well a few week's ago a friend asked if I'd come in and help her out on my day's off because they needed another cook. I worked 1 day and management approaches me & offers me $4.00 more an hour to quit my job. I though about it & had decided that I was going to take it,I mean who could pass up an extra 4.00 an hour? So I gave my notice and explained why I was leaving hoping that they'd…


Work where you are the happiest and plan to stay the longest. ob hunting sucks and you like your job. I would not give that up…

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My advice to people interested in working at #HuddleHouse as a #Cook ...

Not to work at the Huddle House in Suffolk Virginia. The management there only cares about the money and does not care about the staff. The management will change your hours so you make less, and for the waitresses they will change how much u make in the system when it comes to tips. They don't want you to make relationships with customers because it prevents more people from coming in. They do not care about people that come in either because…

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to people hickenexpress as a #Cook ...

Dont work there

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I got hired

I got the job a churchs chicken as a line cook wish me luck


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My advice to people interested in working at #Rkgroup as a #Cook ...

Rk group is a nice place to work and i'm interesing to work with us ever

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That's great! What makes your workplace such a nice place to work?

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