I'm so excited and nervous. I applied to Commutair for a flight attendant position. I had my second interview today and got the offer!!! However, it's a 3 week training session and mandatory 90% to pass exam. If I fail, I'll get sent home. I'm praying to survive and get my wings!!!


AMEN, GOD IS GOOD, I am Glad to be back.

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Did you do your Homework?

Everyone one of us wants/needs to stand out when we get a coveted in-person interview.

Homework: Use Google to do some basic research. What exactly does the company do, what is there product? Where are they Headquartered at? How many employees? How many different locations do they have? And often you can find out has any of their jobs already been outsourced out of the country, or even to other companies. What are their short and long…

Great advice!! Are you available to be my life coach ? Lol you probably would be awesome !!! Thanks for some truly priceless info…

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I got the offer!!!

I had my second interview with Commutair for a flight attendant position. I got the CJO and my 3 week training session starts in August. I'm super anxious and excited. If I fail 2 out of 3 quizzes I'll get sent home. I also have to get a 90% on the exam to gain my wings!!! I HOPE AND PRAY THAT I SURVIVE!!!

Make sure to study hard and good luck!

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