I really enjoyed working for Comfort Keepers. They were the nicest people I have worked for. If I ever needed to contact someone with any questions or issues they were always helpful.

Theres nothing like working for a computer thats always there to help and make you feel at home! It makes your job... see more

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Curious what job everyone applied to today


Yes, John I was able to apply for some positions today.

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Comfort Keepers in Grand Junction, Colorado are offering open interviews this Friday, between 10 - 1p, at the Mesa County Workforce Center, 512 29 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado 81504.

Job opportunities include:

* Full-time and Part-time positions available.
* Wage is $14.00/hour

* Full-time and Part-time positions available.
* Wage is $12.00/hour.

Please refer to the link below for more event details and contact... see more

it's really touching to take care with love

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The motivation was the clients. Every day when I went to their home they were always happy to see me and I was happy to see them. I was sometimes the only person they saw on a regular basis. The clients had wonderful stories to tell about themselves and many times I heard the same stories over and over. I would listen to their stories and pretend I had never heard them before.

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I loved the teamwork and the clients were awesome and the people in the office were absolutely wonderful and caring and understanding

I loved working for comfort keepers because my supervisor carefully hand chose my client to match me. They care enough about their clients to take the extra time to pick a caregiver they thought would be extra beneficial to the client. When I had any requests or needed special need they always came through and was willing to work with me if they could. I had a wondwrful boss and wonderful experience working for comfort keepers.

I kept myself motivated by having the opportunity to work with a team of individuals who put there hearts out there everyday,objective perhaps,,to care for everyone without force.I believe that in itself answers your other question.

The owner and employers took great care of me under all circumstansis. Wonderfull office

A Excellent to work you pretty much work on your own independently

Again Miscommunication but easily solved

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