Wishing everyone who attends the Cincinnati Works job fair tomorrow lots of luck and success!

Here are some tips to check out in case you missed them:

-If you're looking for better ways to connect with employers check out this post.

-If you're wondering what to wear check out this post.

-If you want to know what you should bring to the job fair read this post.

-If you're struggling with your elevator pitch check out this post.

Remember to... see more

Hola mucho gusto, quisiera saber si no me puede ayudar con respecto a compañías o empresas que patrocinen visas de... see more

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Hello fellow Jobcasers,

As you search for work and apply for positions, please understand that we are heading directly into the holiday season. During the time from Thanksgiving through New Years, you are most likely not going to hear much from your submitted applications (Unless you are applying for holiday/seasonal positions).

Most businesses pretty much shut down for all intents and purposes during this time as key staff are using the last... see more

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If you attended the Cincinnati Works job fair today then this is the post for you!

Now that the fair is over, it's time to follow up.

Doing so lets the employer know you are serious, reminds them of who you are (they met a TON of people), your qualifications, and keeps the hiring process moving along.

So let’s take a look at how following up works...

Send your follow up at least 1-2 business days after the event.

Reach out to... see more


Thanks Ashley!!

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Hey Cincinnati, are you ready?

The job fair is next Tuesday, September 17th from 1-4pm in the Cintas Center located at
1624 Herald Ave, Cincinnati.

Find out all the info here.

NOW is the time to make those final preparations so you are confident and ready to go! Check out these tips to help you prepare for the fair as the weekend approaches!

Know the companies you are interested in and research their mission/culture TODAY. Take some... see more


Do you have the list of employers for the Cincinnati job fair? I clicked on the link Ashley had in her post but it... see more

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We are so excited to announce that the following employers will be at the Cincinnati Works job fair next Tuesday, September 17th!


-Cincinnati Children's Hospital
-Fifth Third Bank
-JACK Cincinnati Casino

Have questions? Please ask, we are happy to help!

Need amazon job in Dayton. Should I come to this job fair?

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Feeling nervous?

Don’t worry, before a job fair or interview it is 100% normal to feel a little anxious. Here are some tips to help you rock your next one!

Don’t forget to breathe
An interview can be a high-pressure situation but it is important to take a breath and collect yourself when you are feeling nervous. When you are asked a question and you feel yourself blanking, it’s ok! Just take a breath and pause for a moment. To you, it will feel... see more


What a great list of ways to keep yourself centered during an interview or job fair. These tips will really help... see more

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I’m looking for part time work

Hi Elizabeth!

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search anytime for... see more

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The Cincinnati Works job fair is coming up on September 17th!!

There has never been a better time to prepare your elevator pitch than right NOW so you are set and ready to go : )

So what is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a clear, brief message that is ALL about you. It communicates who you are, what you're looking for in a job and how that employer can benefit from hiring you.

Follow these tips to help create and perfect yours!

... see more


Good morning respected madam I'm HVAC technician I have 20 years experience I was work in Iraq Afghanistan Bahrain... see more

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Wearing inappropriate clothing to an interview could cost you the job. An interviewer's first impression is often a lasting one, so the way you present yourself is very important. Check out some tips to help you dress to impress for your next interview or job fair!

Women's Professional Interview Attire
-Stick to solid colors (avoid patterns, but if you must stick to subtle ones and avoid those that will have them looking at your clothes instead... see more

Wow, what excellent advice, Ashley! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Instead of staying silent during a job fair or interview SPEAK UP and let your voice be heard!

By building a rapport with the employers before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the job it can give you a major competitive edge over other candidates. Plus it will feel more like a friendly conversation which can certainly help calm those nerves. You can also use this information later on when following up.

Remember, these questions are not... see more

These are some great conversation starters Ashley Wilson ! Thanks for sharing!

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I would like to try to advance my Class B license or even learn some new different challenges

Work driving my own car

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