Sometimes we are pretty hard on ourselves. We think that just because we reach a certain age that we can no longer do something.

Not true!

This is one of my favorite quotes because it reminds me that it's never too late to dream a new dream and to go after it.

So set those goals for yourself TODAY and let's make them happen!

What are some of YOUR dreams?


Love this Ashley Wilson !

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Alyssa McLellan Thank you Alyssa! : )

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#MerryChristmas everyone. Today I did a drawing of the #Christkind, an #angel who delivers presents to children on #ChristmasEve. In many parts of Germany and Austria, children believe that it is the Christkind (which literally means “Christ Child” in German) who delivers the presents instead of Santa Claus. #TwelveDrawingsofChristmas #12DrawingsofChristmas #ink #drawing #Christmas


How pretty Kimberly Keyes !! : )

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Hello All, I want to share this with you, I live in the DMV and was concerned with the situations out of my control with the closing of the Federal government, lost wages and no time off, well, it all worked out, see, I have never worked on Christmas Eve, because I gave birth to a son 20 years ago who shares this birthday. I began to wonder how was I going to handle this, contemplating, crying, worrying, with no time off, limited funds, lost... see more

Take a deep breath. Run around your house naked. Take a long hot bath. Cook you a goid meal then eat it in... see more

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Christmas themes of Peace & Joy & Love transcend Christianity and are wonderful themes for all people. Merry Christmas, and sincerest wishes for all to enjoy joy and peace and love this season and throughout the new year.
#Christmas #joy #peace #love


Hoping that everyone had a wonderful holiday season with their loved ones! : )

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I had been unders doctors care until the end of November, due to an auto accident I was involved. I am ready to get to work. I been looking and its overwhelming. I updated my resume, I been in the mortgage field like 20 years. I am a quick learner and hard worker. I am willing to learn something new if you are willing to train me. I like helping people. I am trying to stay positive and have faith that I will find something soon. What's getting... see more

Hang in there dont give up i have been a nanny for 13 years on d same job d kids are getting older i am part time... see more

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I feel like he is trying to hypnotize me with his eyes. Still, another great drawing!

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