To all JobCasers

I just finished my first day at the Census Bureau, It is the easiest job I have ever had. Anyone interested should apply because they are hiring all the way through 2020. They train you to do everything so as long as you can apply and get hired they will train you. People if you are concerned about ageism than you definitely need to apply. It is temporary, however, it could be a stepping stone to other departments in the…

Thank you, Sheila!

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Two truckers share their stories

Meet Nailah and Martin!

Two different people who truly love what they do, which is driving a truck.

Sometimes in life, you need to think outside of the box.

When a friend suggested that Nailah attend truck driving school she stood in front of her in high heels and a dress and thought NO way was this for her. Today she happily says, “I am in a place where I don’t have to want for anything. I am happy. I don’t have bill collectors calling me…

Yes..this is true...but you can not share your good things to haters! It can be a family member...

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allyson crockett
That is very true oooo!!!

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I started my job at the Census Bureau

I absolutely love it it is for a receptionist Clerk and it pays weekly. They are still hiring so if anyone is interested the website is to fill out an application. It is informative and very laid back. It is temporary until August of 2020. I hope to gain valuable job skills from this opportunity.

I applied over 2 weeks ago and have heard absolutely Nothing back from them. When do they let you know something Sheila?

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Janene Waterman
It is a 5 step process. (1) fill out the application at (2) create a user name and password…

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Census Bureau

All whose seeking employment, the Census is hiring and the pay is goo. However, it's a temporary job with options to find full-time once you are working with Census. Check them out at least you have nothing to lose, but money coming in weekly.

Thanks for sharing this opportunity with the community Celia Allen !

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Census Bureau Jobs

Has anyone else experienced the red tape involved with getting approved for a job at the Census Bureau? I applied December 6th of 2018 and I am still waiting on my background check to be approved. I do not smoke, do not drink and have no criminal past that I know of. I think they could make the process a little more streamlined to get people in there faster. Has anyone else experienced working for Federal Government and what were your experiences…

My advice to people interested in working at #Censusbureau as a #Fieldsupervisionof20to25people ...

To work for your pay. Be conscientious and on time. I saw too many 20 and 30 year olds not caring about work taking 1 and half hours for lunch . Taking too many breaks leaving other tasks to be done by others that do an HONEST days work for the pay. Census bureau pays good for temp but too many people take advantage of the job and workplace . If you want to work census bureau , do YOUR work and be honest and willing to help others .

That's great advice for anyone who has a job. You should absolutely make sure to work hard, care for others, and be honest. Thanks…

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