Before my interview at #Carlislebrakeandfriction I wish I knew...

Trust no one at any time watch your back

The ATS could be stopping you!!

Feeling frustrated because you applied to a TON of jobs and you still aren’t hearing back???

The problem could be that your resume is missing some important information!

If a company uses what’s called a applicant tracking system or ATS, your resume will go through a screening process. If it’s missing certain elements it will be pushed aside and not viewed by that particular company.

So, let’s look at some tips on how to use keywords to update…


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Drama at #Carlislebrakeandfriction

Depends on who it was...if it was a favorite ..they would try to get you wrote up...if it wasnt then absolutely nothing happens...but if you were mad and went to your super ..they do not care!!! double standards and alot of games!


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