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I need tools to develop tolerance in work.

for the past years I directed several departments, for bipartisan political reasons, they removed me from my area, which does not bother me because I work and I adapt very well in any area. However I do not tolerate the icompetent people.

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Helen Peluso
4 days ago

It could be a problem with training or the person that preceded you wasn't interested in educating them

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Vance Holm > All Jobcasers
about 1 year ago

“the bad boss”

My boss is a good manager but a bad leader. He’s the “go to guy” if you need benefit information, last minute time off request, and help filing a complicated claim form like leave of absence but he’s out of his element when it comes to properly motivating workers to do better work. Co-workers take advantage of his weakness all the time and come up with BS stories to avoid work. I, on the other hand, have no problem swinging the boot around or...

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Ronald Stanton
15 days ago

Styles go all over the place when it comes to managing. It also takes time for a manager to realize his or her own weaknesses....

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What challenges have been solutionized during your career?

Achieved a since of organization in the mist of chaos and rushing to meet project deadlines while at the same time training a team of employees on software applications.

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Jake Hagen
21 days ago

That really does sound like working against all odds! How did you keep yourself focused in the middle of all that chaos?

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It's true, we don't know everything!

Continuous learning is part of the joy of being human. Be open to sharing what you know with others and humble to learn from anyone.

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Laura Taylor > All Jobcasers
28 days ago

Exhausted from job searching

How does one convince an organization that you are certainly capable of fulfilling an entry level job and are willing to stay, perform the job, and seek advancement, if/when available? Incredibly frustrated and losing resilience

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Dave Costello
27 days ago

I agree with Tiffany. Make sure that your resume is written so that it speaks to what the job is asking. A cover letter is...

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Assistant Manager

What would be the best way to increase my networking?

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Vicky L. Bennett > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

The biggest challenges make us reach our potential.

Always learning new things, change and loving every bit of it. Stress and all.

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Ashley W.
about 1 month ago

Great advice! I definitely agree. We don't know how strong we are until we are challenged. Have a great weekend and thanks for...

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Fred Goff > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Gen Xers are too busy "getting stuff done to navel gaze".. (sound familiar or no?)

If you were born between 1965-1980, I'd love to hear - does this sound about right to you?.. Interesting article about the gen-xers trying to get stuff done.

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Robert Church
about 1 month ago

I am one of the many that has grown with the times and it has paid off. One thing that has been lost in the younger workforce,...

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3 Curves Universe

Usually, humans beings give many rounds finding a real purpose in their lives, many persons take a lot: Personal development courses, professional careers courses, management & business improvement intense training, among others, but some of them failed to calm their anxiety or search for doing things well or perfectly well, the savage competition to get better salaries and better work positions increase significant stress in the emotional...

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Tahnee and Jace > All Jobcasers
about 2 months ago

I need help finding a job!!!

I am a 17 yr old and there seems to be NOTHING that hires teenagers but fast food places. I’ve worked in fast food and I completely hated it! I want a job that isn’t fast food I don’t mind slinging coffee or doing paperwork. I am graduating soon and really need to find a job to help pay for college but it is so hard! Any suggestions on how to get a job that isn’t in fast food?

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Isabella Daniels
about 2 months ago

Well I was able to find this list of companies that hire teens. Granted, it does include a fair amount of fast food joints, but...

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