I have been looking for work for 3 months. I am so frustrated and feel very discouraged. I was supposed to hear today about whether or not I got a job with a very wonderful company. I know the day is not over but I still haven’t received a call. I’m scared. I have to find something. I’m a single mom and I have zero help from his father. I do everything on my own. I feel down and low today. Any advice? I feel so alone

Love have you found a position?

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

She can start out as an entry level admin. It is not hard. I have done it for years, and had no experience at all. My first job…

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Common Pitfalls in the Search for our Next Employment Opportunity

Hey Jobcasers,

Let's talk about the common pitfalls we face in our search for our next employment opportunity.

First, let's talk about the hiring process and how it works.

  1. We submit job applications/resumes/cover letters (usually online).

  2. We interview and hope for an offer or an invitation to the next interview; this repeats until we get an offer or aren't moved along to the next step of the hiring process.

  3. We negotiate and either accept or…

What a great post Gage Cherry ! Your insights are always so interesting to read! Thank you for sharing these tips : )

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Ashley Wilson

I’m glad I can be of assistance.

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Loved my job. Worked at 2 dollar trees. Both in ocean view. 1st one was downsized. 2nd over twice & under once. All less than $5…

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Thinking on going to school for cdl

Am a family man love been with my kids and wife just got let go from a company i worked for 27years, it's been a month that i haven't worked thinking on getting my cdl never drove trucks nervous about it but know that it pays good and financially for my family thats what i need just hope I'll be making the right choice, any advice is appreciated thank u.

Yo solo necesito un trabajo los comentarios no me gustan soy una persona bien discreta si me pudieran alludar lo agradeceria…

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Help!! :)

I am getting ready for a career change, and need some help. I have a MBA, and wish to re-enter the business world again. Anyone have any leads or advice....Thanks!!

Hi Sonny - I have a couple of suggestions. It looks like you are a policeman. That brings great experience, but you may want to…

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Thank you kindly for this info!

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Thank you Lois Martin another great article shared! It's certainly important to weigh out all of your options and formulate a plan…

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Finding jobs

Finding a job has been so challenging and depressing. I used to work in Human Resources before I left to help my husband out with his business. He has since closed the doors and finding work has been very challenging. I would love to get back into Human Resources.


My passion and desire is to be back in the healthcare industry.
There's a 5year gap in my resume due to providing care for a terminally-ill family member. When they past away I had to take the first job available, which doesn't show my career path.
I'm afraid this information is hurting my chances of employment.

April Morgan The best defense against gaps in your resume is a well-crafted cover letter and a resume that showcases all the…

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This a good point! When I think about I probably would take the path of Larry. Just to be without debt.

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