What is basically necessary to st up home office? In a senior that needs extra income so I can purchase a home. The home that was supposed to be mind ,both by my son, is being taken away..
Trying to find a safe neighborhood is so challenging because your credit score is being used , your income has to be 3x rental amount,. Now my Malti-poo which I need ,a enormous pet fee and rent..

Vinie Gordon I'm sorry you're in that situation, have you looked to see if any housing assistance or voucher... see more

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This week I am going to dedicate time helping members on the community refine their intros and about me. Tell me about yourself in the comments below and fill out your experience in your profile. I will then work my creative juices to help craft a short pitch for you that you can use in your profile, resume, and interviews. What’s your story?

I am 63 y.o. I worked as a legal secretary at a small law firm for the same attorney for 23 years until he retired... see more

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Karen Cook Worth breaking it out into two difference experiences to show that you have moved around even if it is... see more

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I was reading the congratulations that I received when I took the telemarketing job back in November. The place had really changed since I worked there before and not for the better. They had a new rule called competitive seating. They hire more people than they have seats for. If you don't get a deal (what they call a booking), you just might not have a seat the next day. Then you go home without pay. I used to have to show up an hour to an hour... see more

Wow I thought my last job was a nightmare. I hope you can put that whole experience behind you some how..

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I work for a call center I was accused of wrong doing wrong was told I went to another agents desk grabbed his mouse and started playing around the screen. Hours later after the supposed incident took place I was called into a conference room to let me know the way I was being approached. This supervisor started shouting at me, I asked her to bring in the person she would not and being very disrespectful towards me. I then resigned send an... see more

In no way shape or form is that ok, Its one thing to be yelling at you but to FIRE YOU over something as small as... see more

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Charmaine Artis if you read what they wrote, Ron did not get fired but quit.

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I worked at a call center for what would have been 2 years November 2019 but they fired me August 2019 for what they say was a call I failed to follow all protocol on but they refused to let me listen to the call smh but what it really was, was that they seen I wasn't A pushover and started picking so after with 4 kids I applied For unemployment and was granted it but they still would not leave me alone smh after being out of work a month with no... see more

Call centers are nothing more than modern day slave owners. The one I worked at strongly advised you to only go to... see more

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A supervisor at my current position stopped another CSR as they were walking and said new year were cleaning house your next in my list infront of a few other customer service reps. Any opinions or ways I can help them go about this they asked me what to do and I'm just unsure never been in the position.

I have done years of customer service. I love the work but much of the consideration that you give to your external... see more

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I have a question and i need an answer! If you get hired on a job and they quote 12 dollars an hour to you and 10 dollars an hour for training. When you get out of training you only are getting paid 10.50 if you meet 37.50 hours you will get the 12 dollar rate but its not 12 dollars its an extra 150 dollars incentive added onto the 10.50 an hour for working the 37.5 hours. Then if you work holidays you dont get holiday pay they pay you the same... see more

Call center work can be TOUGH!

I worked in customer service for a very, very long time so I completely understand the challenges that come with it. What are some of the ways you kept going when working in a call center? Did management ever provide something to give you a boost?

I remember one of my old bosses would buy us cupcakes every Friday (our busiest day). She probably knew we would work harder with all that sugar ; )

Anyone else out... see more

How nice that your old boss rewarded you all for a job well done. Nothing like something to look forward to at the... see more

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Irene Taylor Yes!! : ) As I told Luke, food is always a great motivator, haha.

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In my career I've worked both in offices as well as from my home. Currently I work from home. Many times I get questions like Do you like it? Do you get as much done? Do you miss working with people? In fairness I think the answers have changed over the course of my career. Right now my answers are Yes! Yes and Yes. If I were to offer any advice I'd offer the following:

In considering work from home roles ask yourself these... see more

Thats a good opinion. Is the place you work for hiring by any chance? If you need people to interact with I would... see more

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Customer service representatives are the first line of contact many customers have with a company. Depending on the industry, their calls could be for something simple such as placing an order or checking on an order status, or the calls could be as complex as troubleshooting complicated computer software or reviewing a convoluted billing history.

No matter the industry, call centers serve as the entry point to corporate America for many... see more


Can I join one now need to work from home

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Good evening guys,
I hope everyone has had a AWESOME Christmas with family friends :) I am making this post because I was wondering if there is ANY available Call Center Positions in the Raleigh area? Ive been looking for a couple days but haven’t found ANYTHING, if you giys know of any Call Center jobs please comment under this post. THANK YOU :)


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