I would like to have the opportunity to travel and be of service on Amtrak.

I recently asked six different recruiters and hiring managers to tell me what the biggest mistake applicants make during the interview process is. If they repeated a mistake given by the preceding recruiter/hiring manager, I asked them to give me a different mistake.

Here are the six mistakes that could end an interview, or lead an applicant to not get a second interview/job offer...

1) Being Unaware That it's an Interview, Not an Interrogation... see more


Every things to do before it need understand or explainetion like action exam b/c exam is Long time so it need... see more

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Waiter - Food Runner or Food server
Work for more than 10 years in Different Restaurants and Cities...West Hollywood - Hollywood city and San Fernando Valley


Hi GEORGE ALONSO , are you still interested in food service work? Aramark has several job options in your area... see more

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I've been out of trucking for 5 years now due to becoming a care giver to my parents, so it's been a while. I'd like to hear what's going on with C.A.R.B. in CA? I only had a run in with them once for idling in 96 deg. heat.

You shut it off & wish you had an apu. There's lots of areas like that...there zero tolerance....soooo then you... see more

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I have some great news for Bayshore/Brisbane workers! Amazon has partnered with the local community to provide a complimentary shuttle service from both Balboa Park BART Station and the Bayshore Caltrain Station to Amazon SJC9!

This is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in working for a company focused on customer service, growth and innovation!


What is the schedule to the Balboa Park, SJC9 and Cal Train stations? I'm applying for a job in Mountain View.

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It's truly amazing that you can have a perfect driving history. Never miss a day at work but fail a single random drug test and basically find yourself unemployable in the trucking industry.
This happened to me. Lost my job. Immediately completed the DOT SAP requirements and passed a second test within 30 days but no one will hire me during to stick company policies.
I'm in northern California. Looks like I will have to change careers just to put... see more

come on over to wiison we need california drivers your not the only one that failled oxy cotten shows up as... see more

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My dad was a truck driver he was ok with it until he got a better job!!! I am transit operator worked for a big company in San Francisco!! Dispatcher are all the same they’ll give you all the respect in your face or on the radio and as soon as they can there talking hella shit about you they just want you to go do your job and be quiet!!! The dispatcher we deal with are bitches and act like they better then anybody really go out there and do the... see more

Dispatcher are better than you, that's why they aren't driving.

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I was offered a job as a Welder/Fitter at Siemens Mobilty AG. I took the offer and got all my tests done and passed, drug screen,vision,hearing and soforth. I was told I was to start on 11/4. Now they say 11/11. I have a felony conviction on my record. My question is can they disqualify you for a felony conviction. I thought in CA you can't be turned away for any convictions felony or misdemeanor. Just wondering what everyone thinks.

Is this just for the warehouse? And do you make your own hours or are these set hours?

Am intrested. In brisbane.is application there?..

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I went on a interview on 10/29/2019 for block by block in Santa Monica and was told i was wasnt qualified i was interview by a tall skinny black man outside against the wall he gave me very strang looks for no reason im very qualified to pick up trash on the ground i work abm janitor service for two years cleaning the l.a Coliseum but my female cousin went in there and got hired by him and never had a job i think he like her and wanted to have... see more

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