Meeting different people and learning their reason for donating!

I'm sure there are some inspiring stories there Alexis Caldwell . Do any specific ones come to mind when you think... see more

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Curious whether those of you who work in coffee shops (Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.) have found mobile ordering to make your daily jobs better or worse? Why?


so much better. Also i go to dunkin way to many times per day now cause its so easy.

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Go to work just to work. There are no friends in there. Everybody is looking for a way to get brownie points at your expense with management.

Believing that management cared about me as an employee when in reality all they cared about is if you came to do the job you’re hired to do.

Not having enough staff and management sending workers home due to HPI

I love working at Csll Plasma. It’s heart warming to know that I am making a difference in someone’s life. All the medications that come from your Plasma is overwhelming. I will miss working there when I move.

Thank you Sharon. I just applied to CSL Plasma, Temple, PA.
It's reassuring to hear an employee speak so highly... see more

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Never occurred


I was a donor there and loved the staff. Got approached by the Group Leader of Reception and she said i should apply and that id be a perfect fit. I got hired and worked there for 5 years

Wasn't stressful at all.

I end up getting another job.

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