TEKWISSEN ® is currently hiring a Manufacturing - Machine Operator located at Jacksonville, FL.

Job Summary
Operate mills and lathes, as well as other equipment as required within the Production Machining Department, monitor the process output regarding quality and quantity and take corrective actions to maintain production targets.

Education/ Experience Requirements
• High School diploma plus two years machining experience on CNC... see more


Wonderful Imran Sheik thank you for sharing!

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Any time Ashley Wilson :)

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Good Organization Begins At Home

No matter who you are, we can all benefit from being more organized. If you practice good organizational skills, you will immediately see improvements in all areas of your life.

A good place to start organizing, is the space that you live in, whether that be your apartment or home. No doubt, being organized offers a slew of benefits. It gives you peace of mind, saves you money (you don't have to buy something... see more


Patrick Coppedge , these are such AMAZING tips! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I agree that organizing your... see more

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Hey Patrick Coppedge , I thought you'd like to know that I went home after work yesterday, threw on my favorite... see more

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Take it seriously to work. The work is complex and responsible. It will require a lot of attention from you, coordinated actions within the team at all levels of management, as well as many of your effective solutions in production tasks

somewhere at the beginning of my work in the production association in October, I slightly underestimated the entire responsibility of my work

working in maintenance for the last 35 years on cnc machines broaching machines grinders and deburr machines

Im 19 and need to get a job. Does anyone know of any cnc or machinist jobs in the Cadillac/ Travers City area that are willing to train? Ive got some training, but am nowhere close to perfection .

Hi Benjamin,
Elwood Staffing has a few CNC and Advanced Manufacturing temp and temporary to permanent entry level... see more

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Too faar away. I live in Mesick

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Looking for a job pt

Hi Michael,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! I did a quick search and found these CNC jobs in your area. Take a look... see more

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Only have had 3 jobs in 17 years.

Hi John,
I commented on your other post. Hope it helps!

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Looking for new home .

Hi John,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! I did a quick search and found these CNC jobs in your area. Take a look and... see more

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