In January as hiring speeds up again - labor market ‘astounding’ 225,000 jobs. The numbers: The U.S. created a robust 225,000 new jobs in January to get off to a good start in 2020, reflecting surprising resilience in the labor market even though manufacturing has contracted and the economy has softened.

The rise in jobs is hopeful Steven Ransom but workers are still concerned about the low number of livable wage... see more

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Here's an article I read a few months back:
The Raise the Wage Act of 2019 would raise the federal minimum wage to... see more

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Let's hear it everyone! If you had a friend who was looking for a job at a fast food restaurant, which one would you recommend and why? Would it be: A) Subway, B) McDonalds, C) KFC, D) Burger King, E) Pizza Hut, F) Dominoes, G) Taco Bell, H) Wendys

suggest wendys they are starting breakfast in feb at all restaurants

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I had an awesome crew. Regular customers that I knew by name .


Only thing I can say it's a good job to work at

Just working

The most stressful day being a co worker at Burger King was very stressful to me I don’t know about any body else but, I had got into a situation with close ones and ended up in jail the same day I was suppose to clock in I had already came from being at work the day before. I got out the morning, I went in around one ish, I had a court day the next day, I didn’t have a bail, I was charged with a felony and another charge with a misdemeanor... see more

Being a leader and someone to look up to for a good coach

I wanted to work at Burger king to help people and to make them happy as well as fed.

The customers were very friendly and i enjoyed inter acting with people

I was fired on Oct. 29 of this year. They said my boyfriend called too much and because of money from deposits being missing. I wasn’t the only one in the safe any of those days but it was put on me. I had a trainee with me one of those times who was in the office with me every time I went in there who even told them she didn’t see me mess with the money in the bags. They also said I had a bad work performance even though a month prior I got a... see more

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