How character references can help you land a job

If you have a poor work history, gaps in employment, a criminal record or other problems that are hindering your landing a new job, character references can go a long way in bolstering a prospective employer's confidence in bringing you on board.

Who makes the best character reference? Now don't pad the list with your BFFs and running buddies -- Ha! Take time and give this serious consideration. Business owners and managers whom you know well…

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Super advice. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I deal with these issues almost on a daily basis. The type of people you…

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I would love to help you. I don't know if we can post email addresses here or what the policies are. So, not wanting to get thrown…

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What I loved working at #BuffaloWildWings

The whole experience a professional vision and teamwork

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My advice to people interested in working at #BuffaloWildWings as a #Generalmanager ...

Go for it. Clear direction, consistent upper management, strong representation in the F&B community.

What I loved working at #BuffaloWildWings

Great company

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The best part about working at #BuffaloWildWings was

Good team work with everybody

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When I worked at #BuffaloWildWings someone told me

They started cutting ppl hr bad

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I was proud to work for #BuffaloWildWings because

They take pride in their brand and their product. I am grateful to work for a company who helps build up their employees with positivity.

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What I loved working at #BuffaloWildWings

I love shacking the wings and working the fryers it's easy but fast at the same time

Drama at #BuffaloWildWings

There two girls that thought it was okay to cuss me out in front of the managers and when I decided to say something back it wasn't nice and I got fired since then I have learned to control my verbal responses and hopefully can come back to work I called my old managers and they all had my back and said they would give me a good reference I am a great server

What I loved working at #BuffaloWildWings

Buffalo Wild Wings had a really fun atmosphere. Being a sports oriented restaurant, the usual crowd was pretty fun to serve.

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