Favorite story @ #FedEx

When I train employees I tell them,I'm 47 years old, handicapped, and missing two muscles in my left leg. All you need to do is keep up with me. After a month of Nick being there, I went in his trailer to help him out and show him my technique. I was putting 12 packages on to his one when I gave him my speech. He responded,I don't think I can. Great employee, great person and a great memory I will always remember.

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trust me at 44 and two good legs i would keep up. I would allow you the rest you deserve.

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Career-Switching Tips

Career switching is becoming a choice for many different people for a number of different reasons. For some, it is because they have been in the same career for most of their professional life and they are bored or find that they are stagnant and have no where to grown any further; they are at a dead end. Others may find that their chosen career isn't what they thought it would be and it doesn't bring them the happiness and…


I do believe you have a lot of good points But I am of the baby boomer age and I am finding more and that sometimes the money I…

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Happy Easter (job update)

Thanks to everyone who commented on my posts. I love my new job
Hilton hotels are ranked number 1 through out the United States great company to work for awesome benefits Awesome work environment great company above all when it comes to hospitality we are number one. The company really takes care of there employees
House keeping /room attendant
There all hiring check out there web sites and they advertise on indeed and job case
Best of luck…

Thank you so much for updating us Raye Sharpe !! Congrats again on the new job, and I am so happy to hear that you are loving it…

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Matt Bornhorst thank you

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I accepted a new position!!!

Hi guys! Turns out my firing a month ago was the best thing that could've happened to me! Looks like consulting is big now and it's very lucrative! I'm going to be making over double what I was making with less stress!

That is great news! Can I borrow some money :)

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Employed after 1yr wait...

So glad I didn't give up.
Finally, after moving to a new state 2,000miles from the previous one, I got hired in a good fit position. Although I went through an agency, it happened so fast to my surprise & the team I work for is very cohesive.
The journey was very VERY hard while battling homelessness & sadness along with my husband. It was such a culture shock as a result of moving and a challenge, but made it through it all.
Keep hope alive…



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Good things come to those who wait

I was hired today. It was a total surprise and blessing. I appreciate the opportunity to shine and help others in the progress.

Congratulations Kim Imler ! What job were you hired for?

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So blessed...just got a new job more money and lounging by a pool watching a movie with my daughter...life cant get any better...

Very Nice Marvin Coleman, Congrats & Stay Blessed!

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I'm so thankful that I got a job I was praying, studying, and hoping for!The waiting process was tedious, but it was worth it! #blessed

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Congratulations, Stacey! Hard work and patience truly pays off. Make sure to stay connected with the Jobcase community and let us…

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I’m a Hard Worker

I have literally been putting job applications in for at least a year to some medical field jobs, and it seems nobody wants to hire without years and years of experience. It’s really hard and depressing when your a young college student trying to better yourself, but nobody will give me a chance. I have medical background, certification in EKG, years of exceptional customer service satisfaction. I’m also going to school for nursing. I guess I…

Keep praying God has prepared all and more for you I am so proud of you the more education the better

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#Blessed, #Hired, #TrustedGodForGreater

I left one job to get closer to home because the commute was horrible, well I started that job and after getting settled in I was let go, I never felt so hurt in my life, however I did not give up and I called on the name of Jesus so many times "thank goodness God never get tired of us calling on him :) I prayed daily but I always have I gave it all to God and trusted in his promise to provide, well I am still praying and trusting God and will…

That's what I'm talking about, praise him!

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I got my job!

I applied for Caribou coffee and got the job as a barista. I’m super happy! My interview was just at a job fair with a quick walk in interview. She told me she didn’t want a second interview with me and she was gonna hire me on the spot! #blessed


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