Meeting people

Thanks for sharing your experience at Best Western with us in the community, Joyce Culwell !

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Yes me too I love it!

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The customer service and people

So I nailed the interview I've been doing this 28 yrs.i know the cleanliness of a hotel.observant and smile and feel accomplishment.just gotta wait on my background check.I'll be in housekeeping and laundry.

Of Course You Did Leslie Quilt !! Nice Job :-). Congrats on your new job opportunity.

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Lenin Pina thank you it's always a challenge trying to get a job good thing hospitality is a big industry

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The people!

My interview at best western went well. It was after I was employed that I had serious problems with coworkers and supervisor of the coworkers who were all related and extremely prejudice towards me. I was picked on and treated very poorly until I finally walked out in tears!

I worked at Best Western for a little over a year. I loved my job there! It was like my 2nd family. When I had personal problems and had to miss work, I ended up getting fired. I was very upset about it. I had some issues that I could have done better, I believe I should have got written up not fired. But I suppose that a business has to do what a business needs to do, they have a business to run so over all, I loved my job. We worked our butts... see more

It's very hard on your back. Bending over constantly really gets to your lower back. I worked with great people when I worked there.

Nothing Never had any problems with anyone! I get along with everyone.

I loved everything about working there. It's hard work and I like hard work

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