My last position was a bit new to me. Working in Best Buy was a big store where even I, as a Cashier get asked questions frequently. Things i didnt know or understand, i taught myself. No training. I'll take the initiative to teach myself. I dont wait for others.

That's a great attitude to have @VeniceDiaz. Keep the stories coming!

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You are in a room with the owner of a company that you want to work for. What would you say to him or her that could better help job seekers like yourself?

About #PostOfTheWeek. Once a week we will share a new topic that we encourage everyone to post about. We will feature and celebrate the best posts in the community. Remember your opinion and stories matter because they help people!

A good leader will know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Know what questions you should ask and... see more

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Best Buy's Geek Squad Home Delivery is hiring FT/PT Delivery Driver Helpers - (DOT-HUB Cadet).

Job responsibilities include:

  • Assist Driver in all aspects involved with Client deliveries , (delivery, product set-ups and haul away.)
  • Assist Delivery Driver in determining best delivery method including remove and re-install doors if necessary.
  • Assist Delivery Driver in moving products safely into the home and unboxing and setting up products... see more

I will pass the information around. Thank you.

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Had an interview at Best Buy two days ago and loved the store I applied to. I hope I get the job. The employees seemed so nice and the discount would definitely help me out. I guess I will see what happens. Anyone else work there before? What do I do now?

You need to write a followup note or email. Make certain that Best Buy knows you are very interested in the... see more

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Sheila Johnson i am work so hard give me achance please please send me sponsorship and call me USA please please... see more

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My friend works at Best Buy and the other day when I was visiting her I heard a customer thanking her for going out of her way to help him. Those extra steps really do matter because shortly after he wrote a letter to management and she got a raise! I was so happy for her.

Good for her that's great! Nice to be appreciated and recognized.

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Hey everyone on Job case. I’m a new employee in mobile and i am feeling pretty overwhelmed by everything to learn and the systems to use in the mobile department does anyone have some advice? I really want to do well here but I don’t want to make too many mistakes and ive already made a few. I started less than a week ago. Can any1 help me?

Julian Barnett First of all, congratulations on the new job and landing with a great company! Have you asked your... see more

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I loved working at best buy! Decent pay awesome co workers and the discounts! I only left because I was moving to an area without one!

Sounds like a great experience!

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I tried to do somebody else job even when the customer asks for your help specifically.

Wait, that's a mistake at best buy? What are you suppose to do, not help someone? Seems wrong Dalaun Knox

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Jackson Garza that's what saying and the told me to take rest of the day off

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I got hired by Best Buy two weeks ago, and they said that I'd receive my offer letter and a call discussing my hours the following week. I never got a call, so I called them the next day to ask. They confirmed that I still had the job, just that the hiring manager needed to speak with the store manager for the offer letter/start date, and that I should get it by the next day or the day after.

It's now Monday and I still have no offer letter or... see more

I would go directly to the store location and speak to the managef myself face to face, dressed ready to start that... see more

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Don't drink the kool-aid! Don't take it too seriously. Don't let the leadership team bully you into doing things that you aren't comfortable doing.

You should always stick to your guns! Sometimes bosses try to make you do things that you shouldn't and you need to... see more

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