Make sure they actually put you on the schedule for work.. more hours

Curious what job everyone applied to today


Yes, John I was able to apply for some positions today.

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Jose Pena Any interesting new roles?

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It was after Christmas when everyone had something to return and many with no receipt. Not happy with what we could give them or not being able to exchange for different size or color due to lack of stock.

I wanted to make some extra money for Christmas. It was hard work on the busier days but my co-workers were very friendly and great to work with.

How friendly and helpful my co-workers we're! I was new and had lots to learn and they were all were good teachers. To be honest, having a Belk discount during the Holidays was a nice plus!

Belk is hosting several Seasonal hiring events on on Saturday, August 17. You can check out the complete list of job opportunities and event locations by visiting the companies career page, see below.

Hi am really desperate for a job. I did hospitality as a waiter and room service with 6 years experience. I study... see more

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What made me stay at #Belk was the environment was awesome for working, 90% of the peole working there were super nice.the work hours were cool too.ill love to work there again. I really loved it

The customers were sometimes challanging. It felt great to be able to solve their needs and make them feel comfortable buying from us.

I didnt argue with the customer. I just told her i would get a manager to handle the problem and things werr seddled#

The way that belk scheduling works is they put you on when they need you and it is not flexible. So be prepared.

All Mananagers verbally abusive rude and nasty when not abusive still treated associate like garbage especially when blowing all goals out of water played favorite s never good enough Job would nit recommended this store to anyone this is the store in Kennesaw store 620

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