Was thrown into the paralegal position working in Family Law, after about a week of training and only about two hours of hands-on training in the position. The person I was replacing went out early on maternity leave and according to my boss, Pamela Purdy, I was proved in a trial by fire. I believe that I did amazingly well in being able to pick up new legal billing and calendering programs, helping clients without having much exposure to them... see more

Define Your Life By Setting Goals

Goals are what take us forward in life; they are the fuel to our journey. It is very important that we realize the significance and importance of goal-setting and apply this practice in our life.

Goals are a conscious decision you make to help you clearly define and understand where you are and where you want to be. Setting goals gives you a defined purpose and a road-map to get there.

This article will try... see more


I agree 100% but I somehow became content, didn't have much and don't want much, but achieved 2 projects and... see more

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