AT-A-GLANCE! (Consider the Bees).

Bees are known for their role in being selective in [pollination and for producing the best honey and beeswax] known to man. They understand the pollination process can be rather lengthy at times.

WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THE BEES? Seven (7) undeniable principles:

#1. Paying attention to details in the job market.
#2. Being selective has its advantage in the long-run.
#3. Keeping an eye open for changes... see more


Bees are so cool! Definitely a reason there is a saying that goes busy as a bee! Thanks for sharing such a great... see more

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This morning was a rough one… I missed my train, left my bagel in the toaster AND spilled coffee all over my brand new pants. YIKES! All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow.

But, I made a promise to myself that 2020 would be a year of personal growth and positivity which means every Monday counts! So, I whipped out my Tide To-Go pen, poured a new cup of coffee and headed into work with a smile.

... see more


Am working but have a fallen arch in my foot and still want a job that makes me feel more challenged

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