I’ve always thought it would be cool to be a bank teller. My mom used to be one and they would do some cool things at the bank when I was little. I think that’s what turned me on to it. But recently I’ve been trying to see if I can afford to be one. Does anyone know how much tellers make? Is it basically a minimum wage job?

Most banks start at 15 . Credit unions don’t pay anything 12 if ur lucky

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If you can play the politics. You can make it. Otherwise watch your back some people will stab ya just to get to top.

Leaving for a different opportunity.

very exciting job

I would recommend them to Chase it's a very good company to work for.

When I signed my review when I disagree with some of what I was told, it was not joining the group at a bar after work, I don't drink.

It was a great place to work and everyone was like a big family.

Not going full time when it was offered

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