Hi Kris Hereau , a carefully crafted and optimized resume is essential to get noticed by hiring managers within... see more

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I just tripped across this great 60-second spot on youtube that covers what the Follow buttons do for people. Check it out and I am sure you will make clicking that 'follow' button a regular part of of your jobcase experience! https://youtu.be/PBAUiAZSIno

Fred Goff I remember this video! Great job Nicholas Leonard : ) I like to follow those on Jobcase who inspire me... see more

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Send me your resume and Ill be more than happy to help you update it. Also, if you would like my help, message me... see more

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After being out of work for over a year, with about a 3 month gap of temp work! I finally landed a permanent position with Bank of America right up the block from my house! God is so good. There were fines where I wondered and questions, cried and was depressed. But I kept praying. I know it’s so hard to hear when you’re in it but it does it get better and your job is coming! This group had helped me so much and i pray I can do the same for... see more


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Everyone was friendly and it was a professional atmosphere.

The best part about working at Bankers Life was the training i got to get my 215 license.

I had a customer who came in because she was going through a divorce. When her checks were deposited, her husband would withdraw it first. I spoke with her about opening a specific account with only her information. We contacted her job and got her money back

Work culture like a family

Work Culture a family

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