Possible Start Date and Reimbursement for fingerprinting

As part of the hiring process for a job I applied, I had to do a fingerprinting test which I completed about a week ago. The company hired to do this for the employer said that it would take 72 hours for them to get the results back. I still have not heard anything about a possible start date. In addition, I had to pay for the fingerprinting out of my own pocket, should I contact the company to see if they are going to reimburse me or should I…

Sometimes we have to be a bit patience, i would have wait the following week that should have been enough time for them to make…

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Nothing missed

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Failed Drug Test Policy

It's truly amazing that you can have a perfect driving history. Never miss a day at work but fail a single random drug test and basically find yourself unemployable in the trucking industry.
This happened to me. Lost my job. Immediately completed the DOT SAP requirements and passed a second test within 30 days but no one will hire me during to stick company policies.
I'm in northern California. Looks like I will have to change careers just to put…

I've not read all the comments so my comment here may be repetitive.
Have you specifically stated in your application that you…

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How long after your drug screening and background check does it take to get an email to know whether you were accepted or not?

I checked on Job Force and it said Starting Date pending. What does that mean? I have not received any E Mails or Calls

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ghosted after a position was offered.

Opinons or suggestions: I was recently awarded an offer for a position with Parks and wildlife department in IT, after about a month of waiting for a decision, they finally made me an offer for the job based on stating I was their #1 choice. Then I was instructed to get my background check done at a 3rd party fingerprinting company. after getting a clear background check I was then waiting on my start date which should have been immediately, but…

Sorry Parks and Recreation and you waited a month to hear from them I'm hoping you were working a steady job as you were waiting…

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Every job I have applied for has resulted in the company going with other candidates. I have made sure with every job I have applied for that I meet all of the requirements. Yes, I have got an interview with a few of them but still they go with other candidates. I don’t understand why I can not get any of these jobs. I don’t think it has anything to do with my background cause when I worked for Walmart 6 years ago, my background check came back…

Im having the same issue

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Am failing

I keep applying for jobs and nothing. I've healed jobs for over 2 years but we just moved to a new town and my background is not doing me justice. People do change people do want a better life for them and their families but there is no one giving chances. Just feel stupid and hopeless.

Never, ever give up. Own it.

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Drug Test

I have been hired on to a company that does things like resets and inventory- however, for a specific job the store requires a drug test. However, I am on a controlled Narcotic due to a broken toe that I sustained while I was not working (day off). I know that this drug would show up in my system. I don't take it unless I absolutely need it, which is very little. However, when I do take it (not very often) I can't do much work or anything…

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Hi Michelle. I hope your toe heals fast so you can get back to your old self. I feel your pain through your message. I wish you a…

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Job offer

I put in for job then took drug test and background check. Tjey gave me my schedule and orientation for 1st day but never heard anything. I waited and called 10 times. I passed d.t. and background is taking forever. They let 30 days laps and started a new ap. Even tjough i worked tnere and havent been in trouble . I had 1 dui 10 years ago and they only do 5 to 7. I cant get an answer . It usually takes 10 days to hear back. Its ridiculous

I'm sorry to hear that robert schwabe - sometimes the job search doesn't go as quickly as we like. Keep at it - if it takes…

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I was released from prison 2 months ago. I have put in over 100 applications and gone on 20-30 interviews and its always the same they cant hire me because of my 1 and only charge. SELLS. I really need a job does anyone have any advise

I have the same thing. Call it shitty, but check no on felony and dont bring it up. 8/10 dont run any of your stuff baby girl.

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Tanner Hillman thank you. This shit sucks i messed up once its not like i killed domeone

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Stuck in a rut

I have a bachelor's degree, good skill layouts.. every job I have applied for in the professional realm are denying me based off a diversion program where I report for Five years and pay off a debt amount for something i didn't do...but once paid off it disappears like it never existed....imam over qualifies for the jobs I can apply for that fit within my health and background means....what can I do.....

Hi Rachel Brutto ,

I am so sorry to hear that things have been a struggle for you lately. You're definitely not alone, as others…

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