ilike to baby sit am awife and amom trusty and faithfully

Hi IMan Mouradi

I recommend two things to help with your job search!

1. Fill out your Jobcase profile

Having an... see more

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Personal Traits Sought By Employers

Employers are requiring more of their employees today in a technologically fast paced world. Employees must be able to not only adapt and thrive to an ever-changing world, but also must possess many skills and traits that will showcase and make them stand out from the crowd when job searching.

A resume must not only show potential employers a wide array of skills, work experience, accomplishments, but also... see more


I want to get a 2nd job

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I recently turned 17 and I've been applying everywhere that I can that is hiring but none of the places like the fact I'm so young. I've been babysitting, but with me graduating this year I'm having trouble being able to afford class fees and the senior dues. Does anyone have any tips on getting a job as a teen? I could really use the help. I don't want to burden the people I live with right now after I graduate by not being able to help out with... see more

Tengo 18 y me llamo Janetsy

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Nothing much to be honest it was a good job

Glad to hear it! Thanks for sharing with the community. What would you say was the best thing about being a... see more

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Want be a sitter

Gwenette Williams Consider registering with It's become the go-to site for seniors and their families... see more

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My name is lilia, 17 years old, looking to babysit any child under the age of 12 in weekends only.
Yes, I do have experience with children.
I have been babysitting since the age of 14 (3 years).
Doesn't matter how much i get paid an hour (minimum wage is perfectly fine with me).

Check Lilia Acosta to find more local sitting opportunities.

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Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I am 17 years old. And i am a very experienced babysitter and nanny. I love kids! And I am very patient and kind-hearted. I can start any time and my schedule is very flexible.

Hi Elizabeth Rogers , post your services on Care,com in order to reach more local opportunities. Good Luck!


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I am looking for a part time job. Has to be close to Youngstown or Austintown. I can do store work, babysitting, or watching animals. Any questions Please feel free to contact me

Hi Destiny Peyatt , the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Youngstown, OH is hiring Cashiers. Stop by the store and apply in... see more

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When the kids don’t listen

Hey I’m mia and I can babysit him I have experience and I been looking for job but no luck so if you want I can help you babysit him until you find someone more convenient for you..

Definitely follow Nelson Franco 's advice Mia!

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Are you a teen looking for a good first job? Or are you the parent of a job-seeking teen? The American Red Cross offers a Babysitting Class to give 11- to 15-year-olds training and preparation for the responsibility. Find and register for a class in your area here:

i’m 14?? can i do it

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Imma M3m3 Then you're the right age - your profile says you're in Phoenix, so searching at the link says there's a... see more

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