After someone starts at #BJ'sWholesaleClub they should stay because

The position that I work at within BJ's Wholesale Club is: Member Services. This is an admin position, company/club liaison position, tracking stock, and sales position; for our Master Card program. The stores are called: clubs, the work force are team members, and the clientele are club members. It's a good company to work with in that they look for potential and are ready and willing to promote within, and up. The workforce is international…

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I need a job

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What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

Memorial Day is a day full of remembering our loved ones whom we lost who have served - friends, family, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers & sisters - and on this day, we honor each and every person who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I asked some of us here at Jobcase to share what Memorial Day means to them. Here’s what they said:

Ashley: “To me, Memorial Day is a day for admiration towards those that made the ultimate sacrifice for…

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Changed Jobs too many times

I left my job at BJS in March of this year because they were not flexible with my hours. I consistently worked 2 -10:30 pm which was taking a,roll on me physically.. So I gave my 2 weeks notice.
Since then I have had several positions that did not work out for me. I am currently at Kohls and so far it is ok. I am 64 years old and have no savings to speak of. I thought at this age I would be doing much better.

Robin Meyer I thinks there are a lot of people who feel they should be further along. Make a plan moving forward and stick to it.

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The best reason to work at #Bjs is

Meeting new and working with different people every day

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A disagreement at #BJsWholesaleclub

Yes I have had a disagreement..and we talked it out and resolved the matter..

A #stressful #Bj'sWholesaleClub story

I loved working at bjs...i wish they would ask me back....i miss working there and working with people..

Overnight work

Company placeholder
BJ's Wholesale Club
825 Pelham Pkwy, Pelham, NY 10803

Am interested in the overnight shift if any comes available.....right now I work from 7am to 4:30pm and willing to do an overnight,am very motivated and also a people's person

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Hello Everdean,
Here are the available positions they currently have: Feel…

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Job inquiry

Company placeholder
BJ's Wholesale Club
1035 Jockey Court, Summerville, SC 29483

I submitted an application for a job. Would like to know who I can call to follow up with my application. My name is Tamer Parsons and I'm very interested in working for BJS Club.

Hi Tamera,
If you’re looking for an update on the status of your application, the best thing you can do is reach out to BJ's…

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Company placeholder
BJ's Wholesale Club
5820 E Virginia Bch Blvd, Norfolk, VA 235022424

I am anita king and i am looking for a job to get a townhouse next year.i am a hard worker, always on time , put of things easy as well. Please let me know where i can apply for a job at your company. Thanks so much

Hi Anita: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! This employer isn't hiring at the moment - but I bet a lot of other places are! Here’s…

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Company placeholder
BJ's Wholesale Club
8719 Avenue D, Brooklyn, NY 112361600

Is BJ's still hiring, I'm looking for a full time. I got to school at night

Hi Markeisha: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! It doesn't look like this BJs is hiring at the moment - but I bet a lot of other…

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Hi Steven: Thanks for posting on Jobcase!
To view all current positions near your area for this company, visit their website http:

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