If you’re sitting at home and struggling with your resume you’re not alone! We have ALL been there. Creating a resume can be tricky sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be!

You can make one quickly and easily here on Jobcase.

Let me tell you how:

1- Login to your Jobcase account and click MY INFO near your photo up at the top.

2- Edit each section in your profile by clicking on the pencil icon. You can add things like skills, traits, summary... see more

Should I print front and back of my resume if 2 pages?

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Maddie A I agree Maddie! What a great suggestion Karen Walters !

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Define Your Life By Setting Goals

Goals are what take us forward in life; they are the fuel to our journey. It is very important that we realize the significance and importance of goal-setting and apply this practice in our life.

Goals are a conscious decision you make to help you clearly define and understand where you are and where you want to be. Setting goals gives you a defined purpose and a road-map to get there.

This article will try... see more


I agree 100% but I somehow became content, didn't have much and don't want much, but achieved 2 projects and... see more

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PROTECT YOUR CAREER: Do you have a Plan B?

SITUATION: During the last decade in my career as an Information Governance Analyst in a cyber-speed environment, I lost my job on three occasions. The first time came from an organization deactivation. The second time was an organization closure. The third time when a company lost their proposal bid for contract renewal. Note: Each time, no fault of my own. Experience has shown me that, no matter your... see more


I looking power distribution TECO jobs

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If you’re under18, this job is ideal especially if you love interacting with children and you're looking for to add experience to your first resume. It’s important however to ensure you stay safe and feel prepared as you search for babysitting jobs. So let’s go over some do’s and don’ts and help you find a babysitting job to apply to!


-Search and apply for babysitting jobs by clicking here on Jobcase. Type in your location, the words... see more

I would love to babysit

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Headed to a job fair? Keep these things in mind!

As you approach the employer’s table make sure you are friendly, confident, and most importantly prepared with something to say. Be different and stand out! Don’t fall back on chatting about the weather because 100 other people will likely be doing the same exact thing. Research the companies you are going to chat with beforehand and lead with something to catch their attention.

“Hello! My name... see more

I had to because I wasn't getting treated right and I had to move

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#1. Arriving to their appointment late: (Murphy's Law. Things can happened.)
#2. Getting caught in traffic jams: (Traveling during rush hour.)
#3. Guessing where the place is: (We have a good idea where the place is. However, construction sites can divert traffic.
#4. Inclement weather can be a factor: We forget to check the... see more


Thank God for GPS.

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Do you ever feel like preparing for an interview is overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be if you are prepared.

Take a look at these top 5 interview questions and the best ways to answer them!

1-Tell me about yourself
When employers ask this question they are not looking for you to actually tell them about your personal life like your favorite shows or how awesome your children are. They are expecting you will give them a brief overview of who... see more

I had someone ask why i thought I was a good fit for them.

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Shelby Winslow That's a very common question to be asked! Check out this post for some tips on HOW to answer this... see more

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If you are going to a job fair take the time to research who will be there. The more you know about a company and the types of positions they hire for, the better you will come across to the employer. It's NOT that hard guys — just look at the list of companies attending the job fair and read what's on their websites. If you don't have time to research every company, pick like 5-10 of your favorites you want to work for and research those. DON'T... see more

Love it! I wonder if there's a job fair coming to Philadelphia.

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My pleasure Lori! : )

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A few weekends ago I was doing a flight from Tampa to Vegas. I have been flying with Delta for awhile now and we see a lot of interesting things. People on this flight in particular always tend to want to start the fun a little early, if you know what I mean. There are three main drinks people ask for....a screwdriver, a bloody mary or coffee. Well, I guess someone screwed up and forgot to re-stock the BM mix because after I served a few we were... see more

Sounds like you handled the situation properly.

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In today’s modern world we have to wonder...WHO doesn’t have a Facebook account? Well according to Forbes, not having a Facebook page can be detrimental to job seekers. Those without Facebook accounts, in particular, are often viewed as “suspicious” by hiring managers. On top of that a new survey revealed that 92% of recruiters use social media today to actively seek out applicants. So don't miss an opportunity!

Some job seekers feel it’s easier... see more

We will always have hiring people who are social media freaks

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Think your future (or current) employer won’t be checking your social media accounts? Think again! According to new surveys between 60-70% of employers are looking. Show them you’re a worthy candidate by avoiding these top mistakes!

Writing the way you text
The way you write a post and how you text your friends should be kept separate. When posting, keep a similar style to how you would write a professional email and stick to those standards... see more

Thank you very much for the information

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