What I loved working at #Aviation.Logisticslimited

The staff we all work as a team

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Did you do your Homework?

Everyone one of us wants/needs to stand out when we get a coveted in-person interview.

Homework: Use Google to do some basic research. What exactly does the company do, what is there product? Where are they Headquartered at? How many employees? How many different locations do they have? And often you can find out has any of their jobs already been outsourced out of the country, or even to other companies. What are their short and long…


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A #stressful #Aviation.Logisticslimited day

I don't think I have a stressful day since I been working aviation logistics

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Driving at #Aviation.Logisticslimited ...

Not saying sorry when I got to the house late

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Drama at #Aviation.Logisticslimited

Sorry I run out data. Well the thing is I left the airport to pick my boss wife at banaland. But there was traffic so I got there late and she was very angry so I try to explain it to her

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What I loved wortking at #Aviation.Logisticslimited

The staff are. So coooerative. Understanding

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Aviation Technical Services now hiring!! Sign On Bonuses

ATS Everett, Washington and Kansas City Missouri locations are seeking experience aircraft mechanics with or without A&P licenses. Visit www.atsmro.com careers today! :)

can i apply for this.

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VIP Flight Attendant

Having recently attended a VIP Flight Attendant course in Geneva, my scope to pursue career in the Aviation Industry as a Flight Attendant in more than one continent is fueled. Hence, I am genuinely excited to pursue career in the aviation industry as a VIP Flight Attendant.

With over 6 years of experience as a Flight Attendant with Qatar Airways, and trained in other customer centric areas such as Premium Travel Emergency Assistance and…

Hi Gayathri Maya Maheswor it sounds like you certainly have great qualifications. I do know that Delta is having their hiring…

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Looking for help

I realize this is a long shot but, is there anyone one here that might know someone in DynCorps , or Flour. I have been trying to securer a job with them for awhile and am not getting anywhere. I would love a contracting job back down range. Any help would be highly appreciated. thank you

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You can try to see if somebody on LinkedIn who works for the company will sponsor you and give you a recommendation work for me I…

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