What made you enjoy teaching the students so much Jacob Lambert ?

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You are in a room with the owner of a company that you want to work for. What would you say to him or her that could better help job seekers like yourself?

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Thank you for the opportunity of a personal interview. It is important that I know about your business and how I... see more

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Believing they would help me reach my goals. All of the networking, writing, and banter was worthless. Oh, and the degrees are worthless.

Terrible place. Politics are ridiculous. I had more experience and publications than my peers (who had none), and I was passed over all because I couldn't make it to all meetings. Look, I have children. I'm married. My wife works. I'm sorry, but if playing D&D is the rite of passage to making it at AUM as an instructor, then we are all screwed. What a bunch of pansy liberals.

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