Family Dollar is hiring Managers!

Family Dollar Nationwide Management Hiring Event is happening Wednesday, May 15, between 10am – 7pm. Visit any Family Dollar interview locations (see link below) for an opportunity to apply and pre-interview for one of the following job openings:

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager

Interested? Please got to the Family Dollar career page for more event details and application information. Thank you

Wow thanks! I'm looking it up now!

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How character references can help you land a job

If you have a poor work history, gaps in employment, a criminal record or other problems that are hindering your landing a new job, character references can go a long way in bolstering a prospective employer's confidence in bringing you on board.

Who makes the best character reference? Now don't pad the list with your BFFs and running buddies -- Ha! Take time and give this serious consideration. Business owners and managers whom you know well…

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Super advice. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I deal with these issues almost on a daily basis. The type of people you…

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I would love to help you. I don't know if we can post email addresses here or what the policies are. So, not wanting to get thrown…

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Assistant Manager

I start working at this fast food place which is owned by Franchises, I've been there for 7 months now. My job supposed to be on training for G.M. cut the story short, I'm stuck closing every night, my schedule will be so ridiculously that no days or mid , while my supervisor and the other assistant manager can get the comfortable schedule, they always get off 2p.m. or 5p.m. and besides that, I will be working in every holiday…

retail sucks

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Dollar Tree Hiring Managers!

Dollar Tree Nationwide Store Management Hiring Event is happening Wednesday, May 15, from 10am – 7pm. Walk into any interview location on this day to apply and an opportunity to pre-interview for the following positions:

  • Store Managers
  • Assistant Store Managers

Interested applicants are welcome to visit the Dollar Tree career page for more event details and application instructions. Thank you

I'm going to send these opportunities to other Jobcasers - thanks Nelson Franco !

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Its a Hiring Party Ya'll!

Houston, TX area Taco Bell locations are hosting #hiring parties this month (April 22-26) between the hours of 3-5pm throughout each location, (See full list of Houston area Taco Bell locations below).

Employment opportunities include, (Team Members, Shift Leads, Assistant General Managers, General Managers, & More!). Interested applicants are welcome to go directly to Taco Bells career page and apply online before heading out to a party!


Looks like a lot of jobs for our Texan Jobcasers!! Thanks for spreading the info around Nelson Franco

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My advice to people interested in working at #WhiteHenPantry as a #AssistantManager ...

It's a great opportunity for a person looking to get some experience, valuable experience in the customer service field.

The biggest mistake I made as a #AssistantManager at #WhiteHenPantry ...

So not putting enough people on the schedule for a particular shift morning Rush and or lunch shift.

My advice to people interested in working at #RossStores(RossDressforLess) as a #AssistantManager ...

Look somewhere else. The company is not what it used to be.

Assistant Manager

I'm currently looking for an assistant manager with office experience.

Hi Veronica!

I did a quick search here on Jobcase and found these jobs hiring in your area. Be sure to apply to any that…

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My advice to people interested in working at #DollarTree as a #AssistantManager ...

You have to be a very patient soul to work long term for Dollar tree. Very fast paced and extremely busy. Be prepared to complete long tasks efficiently and promptly while helping customers at the same time. Ready for very unique customers is a must.

Hated how kniving management was

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S Richmond I was not one of the bad ones. In fact I was the one everyone wanted to close with. I totally get it though .

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