Hi Laurie Collison ! Every job certainly has its challenges!! I love Dolar Tree : )

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If the government shutdown affects your job…

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the government shutdown you are not alone. An estimated 800,000 federal workers are also affected by the shutdown, but we are here to help! Not sure what the government shutdown is? You can read more about it here and here.

If you are not impacted directly by the government shutdown, please feel free to leave some words of advice or encouragement for those who are.

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To me I believe Government shutdawn is not showndwan as retrench ,so is for a while .except if they refused to pay workers. But if…

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Wrongful Termination

After two years of working, of which I was an Assistant Store Manager for the second year, I was terminated because I was told that after taking care of the ATM machine, I left it unlocked/unsecured, in which I do Not believe that I did, but was set up in some way.

I'm so sorry that happened to you, Patricia! It can be hard when you think someone at work has conspired against you. It can be…

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Laila Nashat Thank You !


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The biggest mistake I made as a #AssistantManager at #MurphyExpress ...

Putting in an application and then continuing to work there for two and a half years

My advice to people interested in working at #arcoftheMidlands as a #AssistantManager ...

If u like working with disability I love to meet new people all the time.

My advice to people interested in working at #MAPCOMart as a #AssistantManager ...

Do not work for a racist company. They will string you along until its time to pay what they owe.

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