Very bad place to work!!!!

So I was putting in job applications and following up with calling and I finally got the call and interview that I was hired Yeah and then nay .I was hired at Applebees as a cook I was so excited to be working and the pay was right I was told I would 40-60 hrs I thought wow answer to prayers .The company was a joke I was trained here and there buy 6 different people for about no more than 5 hrs having 3 days off then work 1 day then go in work 2…

I would have called the health department and turned them in. That's awful!! Sorry you went through that Jennica.

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How Self-Reflection Can Help Your Career

You may think of self-reflection as more of a personal pursuit related to overall happiness and wellbeing, but being self-reflective can help you to get (and better keep) your next job.

When you reflect on your career, you can uncover some interesting truths about yourself like...

  • What motivates me?
  • Where do I want my life/career to go?
  • Do I feel satisfied with my life/career so far?
  • What kind of person/employee am I/ do I want to be?


I’m looking for a position as an addiction therapist. I have 40 years experience in this field. I look forward to doing group…

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The best part about working at #Applebees was

My favorite part about working at Applebees is the people and being able to communicate without being judged with my decisions I make with my coworkers and my bosses!

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Im tryibg to fill out an Applebees application they keep sending me off the site smh

I'm trying to fill out an Applebees application but they keep sending me to other sites instead of theirs

Jamine Carbuckle Speak to customer service for Applebees for problems with your application.

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No luck

I applied foebapplebees n wawa etc. No job :( i am becoming sad, i want a job.

Hi Samuel!

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time finding a job. I hope we can help!

Did you know that you can search and apply…

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Applebee's Hiring Events!

Southern New Jersey and Delaware Applebee's restaurants will be holding #hiring events on Monday, October 8, between 10a - 8p. Job openings include:

> Servers
> Hosts
> Bartenders
> Cooks & more

South Jersey and Delaware Applebee's to Hold Hiring Events

Interested applicants can go to to search for local job opening and apply online before the event.

Awesome, thank you for posting this opportunity Lenin Pina !

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What I loved working at #Applebee'scherryhill,newjersey

Working with diffrent people

THE BEST thing about working for #Applebees is

Meeting people knowing that I make them feel relaxed, I love that I make them feel so good they will tell their friends about how good the service and food is

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Looking for a job a can do from home.

I'm a 38 female. I have worked as a store manager for American Eagle in upper state NY i got my Dental Assistant Certificate in Kingston,ON &worked Z ine in Watertown NY. I worked in a trailor factory,and fir Shell, and a server,trainer,opened new store locations and trained all employees for the Lonestar and then for Applebees fir almost 7 years. I love working with people and customer service. Helping people have the best possible experience…

Hey Samantha Klein , reach out to crystal oneill . She signed on a new work from home with Concentrix and has a lot of great…

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Lenin Pina thank you for taking the time to help me out. I will check it out. Thanks again and I hope your doing well!God Bless

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The most important thing I learned at #Applebees was

To grow in every area possible.

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