Customer Care Reps needed at Anthem in Nashville, Tennessee

Just saw this job post today for Customer Care Representatives in Nashville, TN with Anthem Inc.

Job Description
Customer Care Representative l

Are you seeking a place to grow in a career? Do you want to make a difference? Where continuous learning and performance are rewarded? Start your career as a Customer Care Representative at Anthem.

As a Customer Care Representative you will guide members through their healthcare questions via…

My dream job! Too bad Im in NYS

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Marie Jesky UnitedHealth Group has similar Customer Service Advocate jobs in Tonawanda NY. Training class starts soon! Apply via…

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Never Lie In an Job Interview

As we all know, job interviews are intensely stressful occasions. If you REALLY want the job, the stakes are also incredibly high and you might feel a slight mistake could cost you the chance at landing the job. Given the pressure, some people are tempted to fudge their accomplishments and background a bit. They figure if adding a few years of experience that they'll triumph over other candidates, and what the interviewer doesn't know won't hurt…


That's okay because they're going to find out either way so it's best to be honest don't give no information unless they ask you…

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What I loved working at #AnthemInc

I enjoyed working at Anthem Inc. My Manager was great and so was the people I worked with.

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One awesome thing I did for someone who needed my help @ #AnthemInc was

I went over and beyond to get their medication approved. The meds were needed - life and death situation.

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