Hardworker, laughs alot, follows instructions, and will be availiable all week

Hello Albert,
Thank you for being a part of our Jobcase community! I did a quick search and found these available... see more

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If you think you nailed that interview or the recruiter said, Keep in touch, don't just sit and wait for the phone to ring with a job offer. Instead, be proactive. There are things you should do after a job interview that can increase the odds of getting a second interview or landing a job offer.

Learn the best way to follow up after a job interview. Following-up after a job interview is one of the smartest things you can do to help get you... see more

I would take the picture down. it has your personal information on it!

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Yoohwa Seong car drvir

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515 East Tudor Road, Anchorage, AK 99503

How do I follow up on a application that I filled out.

Hey McCarthy,
Go to the Home Depot Career FAQ page for more information on the application process and follow up... see more

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330 W Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 995151950

Wanna relocate, need a list of resources for housing,

HI Ashkii,
Not sure if this is what you're asking about but you can start researching housing information in Alaska... see more

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I am currently looking for a job in the Anchorage AK area.. I have been employed as a Sales Manager with this company for 8 years with no advancements in Charleston SC, and am looking for an opportunity to broaden my horizons to reach my full potential.. I am very honest, hard working trustworthy, and a great problem solver. I also work extremely well with others and show excellent communication skills.. I have built strong, and healthy... see more

Hi John,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! I did a quick search and found some sales manager jobs in Anchorage for... see more

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Hello Alyssa,
Thank you very much for your help..

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