The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #AmericanRedCross was

Was helping people when they needed it most. We found a weakness in the area and we found a way to help by creating a program especially for the elderly. Problem with transportation to training programs to meet the needs of a community and not a 9 to 5 job but 24 hour services. I think disaster services was my favorite because you never knew what was going to be needed. We were creative and we were able to teach as well as learn from others.

I worked for Red Cross from 12/2003 - Part time to 8/2011 Full time @ NHQ in DC Disaster Operations

A Great Experience - met…

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The biggest mistake I made as a #AdministrativeAssistant at #AmericanRedCross ...

Trying to get information over a conversation. Interrupting when I should have stayed quiet.

Drama at #AmericanRedCross

I was trying to verify some information that i was asked to obtain and the person wanting the information had forgotten to tell you they had already gathered the information.

A #stressful #AmericanRedCross day

When thschedule was full and there did not seem to be any space to feel capable of stretching.

My advice to people interested in working at #AmericanRedCross as a #AdministrativeAssistant ...

At this point there is no longer an office here in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Just access a webaddress to volunter.

What I loved working at #AmericanRedCross

The diversity of daily activies. The scheduling of van drivers for the V. A. Van . Helping with class schedules. Newsletter and whatever My Administrator needed me to do

The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #AmericanRedCross was

The ability to come together as a team working towards a common goal in order to make sure the donations that came in was processed to be used for whatever the donor wanted it to go towards. We were one gigantic jigsaw puzzle!!! We were a small knit family.

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What I loved working at #AmericanRedCross

Being able to help people in need

That is the best kind of job you can have. Bless you.

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What I loved working at #AmericanRedcross

Saving life’s everyday is an awesome feeling

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Volunteering at #AmericanRedCross changed me

Since 2015I been a Red Cross supporter. I decided to pay it forward after a horrible fire destroy the appartment complex I live leaving 12 families without a home.

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