How satisfied are you with your job?

Some people wake up and dread their way to work..thinking about how much they are unsatisfied with their job and all the reasons why they do what they do. While others wake up everyday wishing they have a job to go thru. Kept trying but keep failing. Why is it the ones that want work can’t work? And the ones that work hated work??

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Most dissatisfaction at work isn’t the actual ‘work’ we perform, it is the people in leadership rolls. Lack of people and…

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Manager,reservationssales at #AmericanAirlines ...

Can't think of one single mistake, American Airlines was and is a good company to work for. It afforded me the opportunity to raise a family, see the world while moving up the ranks.

Drama at #AmericanAirlines

American Airlines taught it's employees who to handle stressful situations. Anger never solved the problem, but by listening and being sympathetic to the customer or co-worker problem, I was usually able to diffuse the situation.

What I loved working at #AmericanAirlines

Every day was different, this gave you the opportunity to showcase your strengths while learning the intricate parts of human relationships.

Computer Programming Database Analysts

My husband is seeking a job in Computer Program Database Analysts position. The company he was with is down sizing. He worked for for America Airlines in the flight training department for 25 years. We had just moved to the north Dallas area before he was laid off. I am disabled and in need of something fairly quickly l.

Hi Kevin Davis . I am sorry to hear your husband lost his job. Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? You can…

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My advice to people interested in working at #AmericanAirlines as a #Screener-Security/Check-inagent ...

Be very patient and professional. Its not easy to deal with highly stressful passengers. Have a flexible schedule because extra hours required are not uncommon.

Drama at #AmericanAirlines,Inc.

Most people that become angry,Is due to frustration. My job is to find the root cause of their frustration and how if anything I can do to assist them. A lot of the time people just want to be kept informed. So frequent announcement are important. There are times no matter what you say to a customer it's not good enough. It could be their prejudices and biases, however that is their concern. They may just want to speak to a higher authority. I…

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That is some great advice Regina Conner - taking the time to listen to those who are angry and frustrated, and see what you can do…

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What I loved working at #AmericanAirlines,Inc.

What I loved about working at American Airlines, where my customers. I loved the training that we received from the 70's-90's when American employed trainers to train the employees. Currently, most recently the employees are trained on computers. There are no longer interaction with a person to get a clearer understand of job knowledge. The effects of this are serious errors in the everyday work environment of the company and lack of passenger…

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Airline Industry

Love to talk to people regarding travel interested in front office job with American Airlines lots of experience law and paralegal background

Hi Candance Williams ,
You should join the American Airlines Talent Community to stay connected with American Airline News and Job…

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What I loved working at #AmericanAirlines

Great place to work and great people to work with

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