I’m looking for work in Alpharetta Ga

Hi Daniel Schwertner , are you looking or still interested in Help Desk Support employment opportunities? Contact... see more

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Stephanie Land has been among the 40,000,000 Americans who rely on SNAP to strive to feed their family. She navigated cleaning houses, 7 govt support programs, abusive relationships. She powered through days with hard work and kept her heart focused on the stars with love for her daughter and determination for a brighter future. And she triumphed! Through online and night classes she became a great writer. And as of 2019 a best selling... see more

Barbara Ehrenreich (who wrote the forward to Maid) has an outstanding book called Nickel and Dimed from 1998 that's... see more

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I am looking for opportunities in a growing company, non profits, multi national companies in Duluth, Alpharetta or Suwanee. I have a great PR and administrative skills. Good with writing and research. Please contact me at geniusgc23@gmail.com

Hi Genius - How is your job search going?

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