My advice to people interested in working at #AloricaCallCenter as a #CustomerServiceRepresentative ...

Go for it great working environment. Great instructors and help. All very good people

Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

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A great post. Very informative precise and to the point. TYJ

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The biggest mistake I made as a #CustomerServiceRepresentative at #AloricaCallCenter ...

Not being able to try to use a laptop that I dont know how to use. You should be computer literate. If not it is going to be hard thats what happend to me.

A #stressful #AloricaCallCenter day

The last day at work

Drama at #AloricaCallCenter

She had a bad attitude with everyone and got escorted out off the building.

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What I loved working at #AloricaCallCenter

Talking to the fans that is the term used for clients in MLB.COM and the very pleasant company at work.

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My advice to people interested in working at #AloricaCallCenter as a #TechnicalSupportRepresentative ...

Alorica really doesn't seem to care very much for its employees. They do offer grants for employees who encounter emergencies, but the grants are totally funded by employee contributions. The pay is at the low end for a call center. They gave us two ten minute breaks per shift and a 30 minute lunch. The work was very stressful. I know that the managers, and even the head of the call center tried to make things better for the employees, but…

What I loved working at #AloricaCallCenter

I worked with many good people there.

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