My advice to people interested in working at #AlliedUniversal as a #SecurityOfficer ...

Watch your back! It’s not what you know, but who you know or don’t know.

Thanks for sharing your advice with the community, Ken Roberts !

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Are You Ready For Management?

Most of us, during some point in our career will face the opportunity to move into a management role. Making the steps up into a management position may not appeal to everyone, but for those who embrace this step, it is an important professional milestone. Before you embark into a leadership position or rush to accept a promotion you've been offered from your employer, you should spend some time to reflect on your…

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This is great information.Thank you!
A book to read ( worth your time) is "It's Your Ship by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. Gives…

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What I loved working at #AlliedUniversal

I liked my co-workers. They were good, easy going, fun guys to work with. It’s a shame it ended the way it did, so abruptly. I was called, told not to come in and to call the office for reassignment. Oh, well. It is what it is.

The biggest mistake I made as a #SecurityOfficer at #AlliedUniversal ...

Asking a customer who wanted me to leave my post to wait for assistance (that supposedly got me removed) and challenging the Captain who was only giving me 37 hours for the week while giving another employee assigned to a desk 41 hours and herself 50-60 hours in one week.

A #stressful #AlliedUniversal day

Everyday getting yelled at by the captain and watching her freak out and rant and rave. Very stressful.

Drama at #AlliedUniversal

I got removed from my post and am waiting to be reassigned. They don’t appear to be in a hurry though, so I am starting a temp to hire job tomorrow weather permitting.

I made working for #AlliedUniversal a good experience by

By learning all that I needed to know about security on a college campus

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Learning on the job is one of the best ways to learn in my opinion Radiah Hall . Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Security Pros Wanted!

Allied Universal Security Mangers will be conducting interviews on Wednesday, July 24, between 10a - 3p, at the Allied Universal Branch Office , 4200 W. Cypress Street, Suite 550, Tampa, Fl 33607.

Dozens of FT/PT, Entry Level, Experienced, Management, & more job opportunities available throughout the Tampa, FL area. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online before attending this event. See You There!


Thanks for sharing this with the community Nelson Franco !

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Come join our awesome team!

I love my job! You should too!

Allied Universal Security has jobs all over the United States. The region I work for covers Indianapolis to Seymour Indiana at Cummins facilities. Hiring for security officers , foot patrol officers, vehicle patrol officers, and bike patrol officers. We have lobby ambassador positions and even dispatcher positions. Pay range is $11.75 to $16 and hours range 24 to 40+ depending on what the job is and location in…

Thank you for sharing this opportunity to the community Tina Roland !

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Allied Universal Security is hiring!

Allied Universal Security Is hiring! We have full and part time positions available. Pay depends on job and location of job. So go check us out at AUS.COM!

Allied Universal Security has jobs all over the United States. The region I work for covers Indianapolis to Seymour. These are…

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