The biggest mistake I made as a #SecurityOfficer at #Allieduniversal ...

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If the government shutdown affects your job…

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the government shutdown you are not alone. An estimated 800,000 federal workers are also affected by the shutdown, but we are here to help! Not sure what the government shutdown is? You can read more about it here and here.

If you are not impacted directly by the government shutdown, please feel free to leave some words of advice or encouragement for those who are.

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To me I believe Government shutdawn is not showndwan as retrench ,so is for a while .except if they refused to pay workers. But if…

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I’ve been unemployed for 6 months just got employed. Everyone Allied Universal is hiring. They will set you up to get your guard card , employment is guaranteed. UPS is also hiring on the spot for seasonal workers.

Do ups does night ftom wednesday night 2 sunday

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Securityprofessional at #AlliedUniversal ...

biggest mistake i made at allied universal, showing up for my first shift. After that, everything was a mistake.

Drama at #AlliedUniversal

An Old man got upset and lied on me saying i was sleep causing me to be removed from the post and consequently suspended.

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My manager at #AlliedUniversal taught me that...

The people at Allied Universal are wonderful ethical people whom I can respect and get along with and work with especially one scheduler manager named Leroy and another manager named Eric I've worked with them for years and other companies but now the three of us work together for Allied Universal we quit working for the other companies because the other companies were unethical and we are very happy working together now and we love Allied…

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THE BEST thing about working for #AlliedUniversal is

Ever since Allied joined with Universal, I have seen a drastic decline in employee morale. I live in South.W. Fort Worth,, I am having to drive all the way to Dallas as this is my post.
As long as there is a person to fill the slot, management does not seem to care WHO or how well that person is able to work that post.

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#AlliedUniversal is the pay was good for the Supervisor position at the location where I was assigned.

I enjoyed working at the site where I was assigned. The only drawback was poor communication with the branch office. I was assigned under a branch operations manager that was overloaded and did not want to support the site as needed. They were sold on using flex officers, but wanted the client to pay for the majority of the training for someone that may work one time. There was no real path forward on supporting the clients needs.

Drama at #AlliedUniversal

nothing nobody got angry with me that i can remerber

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What I loved working at #AlliedUniversal

i didnt like working i was my site for 12 years and they got contract for that site i had to have my galbladder taking out and when i went back to work l was told i was let go

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