I worked for Airgas East, other regions may operate differently. They were very profit oriented and all the wealth flowed to the stock owners and upper management. Not much was given to lower levels. Many levels of management, generally good natured but at the lower levels they really did not have a complete understanding of operations as many employees do not wasn't to be move up as they know they will work longer... see more

When you’re out there in today’s market trying to find employment you’re oblivious to others looking right along side of you. It can be intense, frustrating and depressing. Especially when you have a family to care for and bills to pay.

I find stepping back, re-evaluating your skill set and making changes to your key words helps. I recently found an old resume from 14 years ago that showcased skills I hadn’t used in some time and I do plan on... see more

On a good news note, after 90 + days on working the unemployed trenches, an employment offer was handed to me... see more

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Rafael Castaneda Congrats Rafael, I wish you all the best!

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The opportunity for growth and advancement

Actually it was a good place to work. I have zero animosity towards the people or the company.

And benifits

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I was transferred from Henderson Ky to Evansville In. That's not what I signed up for.

I worked with some reslly good people and i got to learn something new

Working for Airgas as a company isn't bad working for Pat Cadutti is an absolute NIGHTMARE she is a horable BossI in no way recommend working for her!!!

My biggest mistake was taking a position working for Pat Cadutti who is the fleet manager for Airgas Midsouth she has to be hands down the worst supervisor I have ever worked for. She has no control over her emotions having no ability to use reasoning or common sense when dealing on a personal level.

Good money, decent equipment


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2001 E University Dr, Phoenix, AZ 850346730

Do you need a Hazmat or tanker endorsements for this job.

Hi Robert,
I would suggest looking at the job descriptions for the available jobs to see what the requirements... see more

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1001 Dunn Ave, Cheyenne, WY 820014846

Hello mr. Hames how do i get an interview

Hi Robert,
I suggest giving Airgas a call to follow up on your application. Here is their number: (307) 432-4700
... see more

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