What I loved working at #Gardensalive

I loved the friendly workers and organized environment

Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

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A great post. Very informative precise and to the point. TYJ

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Plant and Grow

I graduated with an Agriculture related degree back in ‘08’ but couldn’t find a job in the industry right after college so I took on whatever I could find back then. After a year or two bouncing around I finally ended up working for a office supply distribution center where I’m currently working as a Supervisor. My passion is to eventually find work in agriculture, preferably in soil or crop management. I went to an interview last week that a…

I'm still in highschool but I'm trying to become a agriculture farmer and I'll be going to San Juan college for four years after…

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What made me stay @ #Cowboywork,agriculture... was

I know agriculture and how to cowboy. My family are made up of farmers and ranchers. I know cattle ,horses, and sheep. On the ag. end I know cotton, wheat, maze, corn, hay, alfalfa. I know how to prep the land for planting and maintaining all the way through harvest.
I Love it cause I've never looked at it as work. It was something my grandfather expexposed me too at a very young age. Plus farmers and ranchers are usually very honest, direct, and…

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I got terminated

I work at fleet farm for 60 days and my car broke down and I had to take a Lyft to work I got sick at work and I was sent home and I was a couple minutes late . The lady in HR and the Ass.Manger told me I was absent 10 but that not true so i tell my new job that I work there


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A #stressful #Watermelonmoonfarm day

When we had a big order to go out.

Drama at #Watermelonmoonfarm

I have never had one to get angry with me.

What I loved working at #Watermelonmoonfarm

I loved making crafts and I loved my boss and the 4 people I worked with, but my boss went out of business in 2001 and that's why I don't work for her anymore.

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