My name is Larry and I am 57 years old and the job I am working at is something I know very well , but it seems like because of my age and back around they are trying to push me out by cutting my hours. The hour I have right now won't even pay my rent.. Don't know what to do. For person like me skill and what I know it's confusing.

Hi! Would you allow V8Fusion Advertisement to place decal on your Car/Truck or Bike and get $500 weekly? For more... see more

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We heard that many of you were looking for a more personalized Jobcase to discover the most relevant and interesting content from our community.

Good news! We are launching several new exciting changes to make this happen.

Our first major change is a new homepage called For You that will allow you to customize what you see based on the topics that you care about the most. Speaking of topics, posts will be categorized into new topics to make... see more


Looks great!

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Has a potential (or existing) employer ever asked you for your graduation year? If so, you are NOT alone. This may seem like a harmless question, but chances are the employer is trying to determine your age. Here are some things you should know and what you can do!

-What employers CAN ask
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act does NOT prohibit an employer from asking about an applicant’s (or employee’s age), or from asking other questions... see more

I also believe your weight play a factor. Everytime I interview they always question can I handle the job while... see more

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I am Betty, I am 65 and I got me a new job in the month of November 2019. I talked to the person, which was a lady on Saturday which was the last Saturday in November of last year and was asked to come for an interview on Monday before it was over the lady hired me on the spot.. Now, I am planning on going back to college to finish my nursing license. So, I Know if I can do it, why not someone younger should be able to also do it to. Sign , B

Congrats on finding a new job! Guess I'm in the same boat as I took early retirement a while ago and... see more

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I just found out about the National Older Worker Career Center -- you have to be over 54 to submit your resume. Your application is kept on file.

Great find Gregory Shelton ! The site even has a Certified Age Friendly employer list for job seekers that want to... see more

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Everytime I get on here it tells me to write a post, I have never had anything that I thought that anyone else would find worthwhile, however I find this worthwhile so maybe someone else will. I keep hearing that it is a workers market today because the job market is almost at full employment, I do not find that to be the case, now it has been 31 years since I was in the market, but I have never been out of work for more than 2 weeks in my entire... see more


Hey Richard Gunkel thank you for sharing this personal story with all of us. The challenges of getting hired as an... see more

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Found this article on interview tips combat ageism. What is your favorite tip? Do you have any other tips you would recommend to navigate ageism in the workplace?

I have applied for jobs day after day after day with no prospects. I have 30 years experience in my field and my unemployment is running out.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Geeesh!

Can yon help me with the dream job?

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Hi everyone,
I lost my job when my boss sold his business before Thanksgiving. He couldn't bare to tell me before 5 days prior.

I loved writing constant stories on politics and law and carved out my own beat on the Supreme Court, wrote about how Interior Secretary David Bernhart is trashing the environment.

I also wrote about cannabis and just applied to Marijuana Business Daily.

At the same time, I'm taking a copywriting course to try to... see more

I'd love to be a product tester!!!... Been a Chronic Pain sufferer for over 20 years, after a severe back injury... see more

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Ageism at Work. Even Google is guilty. Imagine being told your ideas are obsolete. I bet it is more widespread than most people know. #ageism

Federal law : it is illegal to discriminate based on age. This law applies to age 40 and over .
Use it to file... see more

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The truth is I ideally know more than the Managements think.
You go in and fill out the application and answer the work experience.
The time spent with companies and why did you leave.
But no manager will understand, what you could bring to there company.
If all my year's of service don't matter why do they ask?
Older employees bring so much more, but experience can't get you to stay with them.
Listing that experience could help or hinder you.
... see more


You may be the smartest person on the job. How do you fit on the team is valuable. Be humble on the... see more

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