Protecting and Pitching an idea

I would like some advice on how to pitch an idea to the advertising company representative of an American automotive industry, as well as how I can protect the exclusive rights to that idea. The company in question has recently contracted with a new agency. Thank you, Linda O. Lake County, CA

Linda Olivieri There is not a way to copyright or otherwise protect a campaign idea. Sadly!

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Two truckers share their stories

Meet Nailah and Martin!

Two different people who truly love what they do, which is driving a truck.

Sometimes in life, you need to think outside of the box.

When a friend suggested that Nailah attend truck driving school she stood in front of her in high heels and a dress and thought NO way was this for her. Today she happily says, “I am in a place where I don’t have to want for anything. I am happy. I don’t have bill collectors calling me…

Yes..this is true...but you can not share your good things to haters! It can be a family member...

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Job Fields Promising For Workers Over 50

If you're over 50 and are looking for work or career change over the next three years, there is good news.

There are ten fields that will have great demands and are looking to fill those positions. Older workers could be great fits for many of these openings, according to a new report from AARP and IMPAQ International.

Many employers are “having trouble filling vacancies with qualified, well-trained…


My thoughts are that if people are educated and experienced enough to be able to do these jobs you listed, most of them are…

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What I loved working at #GilBaileyAdvertising,GilBaileyShowWPAT930AM

The massive listener response. Gil has many listeners who hang on his every word. This translated into good patronage for his advertisers.

my group

iam seeking advetise&marketing jobs

Hi Lakshmi Narasimha Prasad Rachamadugu Did you know that you can search and apply for jobs that you are interested in right here…

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my group

iam seeking advetise&marketing jobs

Hi Lakshmi Narasimha Prasad Rachamadugu here are some marketing jobs for you to check out! Best of luck.

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The great leap from Advertising to Marketing

I just moved to LA from NYC and have been in advertising my entire career. I'm thinking that now since I'm in a new place, with new opportunities, that now would be a great time for me to make the jump over to marketing. How do I do this over here though? Trying to figure out what marketing roles might even be right with my advertising background.

Hi Jess Holloway - you came to the right place! What kinds of roles did you do in the advertising world? A lot of the same…

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LOCATION: Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-Inner Harbor, 101 West Fayette St, MD 21201
DATE & TIME: September 6, 2018 11AM - 2PM


Open the doors of opportunity when you meet and interview with the top hiring companies in Baltimore. This career fair will allow you to learn about the businesses that are hiring and what their hiring needs are. Tired of sending your resume over the web to get…

Ok. Thanks once again.

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Team Leader

I love to stay moving and motivated always representing whatever company I'm working for at all times I believe in being very loyal and thorough and staying busy and doing your job and there's always room for growth and and expanding no matter if it's there on a personal level to make your job a success as well as promoting and Advertising to Build.

Definitely well put as a team leader!

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My advice to people interested in working at #TwingS.A. as a #MarketResearcher ...

Its a great job if you are interested in the Market research field

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