The position involved to much traveling and traveling reimbursement did not compensate the traveling expenses. My Supervisor was on a medical leave, therefore my team had a subsitute supervisor from Michigan, who was an unfair individual.

Nothing I can remeber. I read the event manual and folliwed durections.

Told them to call dsm.

very fair company to work for

I got the job knowing nothing have no experience they gave me a chance number one number two they made me feel very comfortable about asking a lot of questions you made me feel comfortable when I did make mistakes they still praised me and it made me feel very good and comfortable I love going to work every day the bosses the employees you name it they were wonderful

Good training and fun people to work with if you don't mind putting in some serious hrs you can make good $


Thank you for sharing, Josie!

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Thanks for sharing, Josie!

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