I used my skills at #Advanceautoparts to make things better when I

I hired replacement staff.worked with staff to get store back to company standards. Increased sales while working toward these standards, increased customer satisfaction results.

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How character references can help you land a job

If you have a poor work history, gaps in employment, a criminal record or other problems that are hindering your landing a new job, character references can go a long way in bolstering a prospective employer's confidence in bringing you on board.

Who makes the best character reference? Now don't pad the list with your BFFs and running buddies -- Ha! Take time and give this serious consideration. Business owners and managers whom you know well…

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Super advice. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I deal with these issues almost on a daily basis. The type of people you…

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I would love to help you. I don't know if we can post email addresses here or what the policies are. So, not wanting to get thrown…

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The biggest mistake I made as a #SalesAssociate at #AdvanceAutoParts ...

The biggest mistake i made was trying to
o be friends with the underage management on mulberry in fortcollins

I think that #AdvanceAutoParts should continue to

They can get you the part you need in a short time

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I loved that #AdvanceAutoParts offers its employees...

I felt it was a well organized work place,people oriented,clean and customer friendly. I liked the opportunity to learn different aspects of Advance Auto. My one drawback was lack of training for counter sales. The best part-time job I ever had otherwise.

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Drama at #AdvanceAutoParts

Was down graded by store manager was talked to very badly in front of other employees by store manager

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That's awful I am sorry. You deserve better!

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One thing I was grateful for at #AdvanceAutoParts was...

Good people for the most part to work with

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The biggest mistake I made as a #SalesAssociates at #AdvanceAutoParts ...

Leaving my job without giving a two week notice

A #stressful #AdvanceAutoParts day

Not enough help to do job

Drama at #AdvanceAutoParts

Just tried to please the customers without them there no need for job

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