Like many, I have been in the unfortunate situation of abruptly finding myself without a job. I don't mind telling you, in the moment, it's a completely demoralizing experience. When this did happen to me, there were a few steps I took so I could move forward productively:

1) I was gracious -- I thanked my employer for the opportunity and offered to expedited any needed transition. Why was I so nice? I don't believe in burning bridges... see more

I tried, i was right, but job was gone anyway, you don't wish to return. Just so sad, that people have no mercy to... see more

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I give great advice every day at ace Hardware. The problem is that it doesn't matter to management if I do. It's not recognized. And it doesn't matter I assume. But it matters to me. I strive to be good at what I do.

The main joy was determining a customer's needs and laying out options to meet that need in a timely manner.

I had the pleasure of opening a brand new Ace in Texas. I discovered customer loyalty to the Ace brand was unbelievable. Corporate support was amazing as we hired and trained new staff.

I loved working at Ace it's a very good environment my position was great I worked there 8months until I became sick n didn't know what was wrong I went to 3doctors n finally I was better thank God n since I'm better I want my job back LOL I do Great place to work

It's great to hear you enjoyed working at ACE, @JACQUELINEANDREWS. Unfortunately an employer might miss this... see more

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The people the job the company it was awesome

I had an interview at Ace Hardware yesterday. I thought it went well, saw one or two older people as employees, aced meeting the bosses etc... later that night I got the call of doom I'm sorry, we're going to go in a different direction and find some other candidates to fill the position
What other direction?? They even told me about the high employee turnover they experience there during the interview, why not hire me? I have great work... see more

Ugh I am sorry Kim Daniels I hate when you hear that. It's basically a polite way of saying no. However, don't let... see more

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Lee County, FL - Ace Hardware and the Southwest Florida Career Resource Center are hosting a Call Center Customer Care Agents #hiring event on Tuesday, November 27 and Wednesday, November 28, at the CareerSource Southwest Florida, 4150 Ford St. Ext., Ft. Myers, FL 33916

Please refer to the link below to review more event details and application information. Thank you.


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The people and my coworjers

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