Have 30+ years of experience in accounts, administration and audit. Good knowledge of SAP (FICO) module particular AP. And good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and word.

Hi Hemant Shah , look like RAZR has a full time Staff Accountant job option in Minnetonka, MN that may be... see more

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Just want to say it's really cool yall have this forum where you read other job hunters' stories or advice. Its frustrating and scary job searching when you're unemployed and you know your money is only going to last a few more weeks. Is there anybody here in the Houston area? I'm an accountant and there are hundreds of jobs but seems like 1000 applicants to every job I apply to. I'll get calls and then its like they just forget about me, I think... see more

Amanda Fox, if you have a degree and experience. Apply with temp agencies.

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I had misstake when I analysis wrong number of company’s operation.

Thank you for sharing THAO LE ! Mistakes happen, just learn from it and move on :)

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What made your work environment so nice to be in THAO LE ?

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With me, help everyone when I can, friendly , and always smiles. So I feel happy.

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I was responsible for taxes and all company reports. and my first month on the job I made a mistake on figuring payroll taxes. Fortunately, I was able to catch the mistake before the penalty period expired and I wrote a letter explaining the mistake and sent an additional check to cover the taxes due. After that, I put into place a rule that someone in upper management had to double check my work to insure that never happened again.

Retiring early. After 45 years I was or felt burned out and the only way to fix that, I thought, was to retire.

Conestoga Tours has changed since I worked there. They are only a retail tour company now. When I worked there, they owned motor coaches, Avis, retail Tours, group Tours and the corporate company that owned them all one way or another.

I would never advice any one to work there because they don't value human relationship and treats you like a slave .. Every employer should treat their employees like a family relation but not a slave or a vulnerable being ..

Need for more managerial skills in world today

Hi Enoch!

Did you know that you can search and apply for jobs that you are interested in right here on Jobcase?

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Hi MS CASTING You can search and apply for jobs with a few simple steps right here on Jobcase.

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