What I loved working at #ABMBuildingValue

Working with kids and teachers.

Thanks for sharing Tony Lee !

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Did you do your Homework?

Everyone one of us wants/needs to stand out when we get a coveted in-person interview.

Homework: Use Google to do some basic research. What exactly does the company do, what is there product? Where are they Headquartered at? How many employees? How many different locations do they have? And often you can find out has any of their jobs already been outsourced out of the country, or even to other companies. What are their short and long…

Great advice!! Are you available to be my life coach ? Lol you probably would be awesome !!! Thanks for some truly priceless info…

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A #stressful #ABMBuildingValue day

When people wouldn't show up to do thier area we would all get together and handle it

Drama at #ABMBuildingValue

Nothing nobody ever gave me abproblem

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What I loved working at #ABMBuildingValue

I loved my job with ABM I worked at a office bldg great people

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Never had a problem

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What I loved working at #ABMBuildingValue

People very nice and I love working around people like that

What I loved working at #ABMBuildingValue

It was great

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