My advice to people interested in working at #AAA as a #Travelagent ...

Don't!!! It wont last. You'll either get overwhelmed and quit or they'll fire you for no reason

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'Tips from Todd'- How do I prepare for a face to face interview?

Hello Jobcasers! Ok, let's talk about what we all want- the face to face interview!

I will walk you through how I have 'prepped' candidates for 20 years fo a f2f interview. Please forgive any misspelling etc.. I'm a Recruiter, not a writer. Second, join my group! Ask a Senior Recruiter anything! No question is dumb and I answer all questions. I'm not seeking a job- I am seeking to give back and help! Try me.

So, you are going to your f2f (face…

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Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss.

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A #stressful #AAA day

Phone call after phone call plus online leads to much to keep up on

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Drama at #AAA

I just had to take it no matter what because disconnecting a call no matter what isn't allowed

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What I loved working at #AAA

The benefits

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A #stressful #AAA day

A lot of work and pressure from management

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AAA Hiring Work-From-Home!

Mercer County, NJ - AAA Club Alliance Is Hiring Work-From-Home Full Time Travel Help Desk Support Specialists. This a Great Job for NJ job seekers interested in a remote career opportunity. Follow the link below for complete job details and application information. Good Luck!


live in NC and this is saying great for NJ. Is there jobs for us in NC for us needing to work from home?

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Have a interview tomorrow

I have a interview tomorrow with Notheast AAA ...This is my 2nd part interview with them i have a good feeling because the first part of the interview the recruiter said if he didn't think I was a great candidate for the position he would not have granted me the 2ns one I'm somewhat nervous because I've been interviewing and looking since I got laid off in December and it hasn't been easy ...pray for me thanks in advance

How did it go? Hopefully you were still able to do well despite being nervous! I get nervous too, so I completely understand. I…

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My advice to people interested in working at #AAA as a #TravelAgent ...

AAA is a great company to work for. I liked the employee benefits. My co-workers were great. The Travel Agent position can be very stressful.

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The biggest mistake I made as a #TravelAgent at #AAA ...

The biggest mistake I made was booking a package for the wrong dates.

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A #stressful #AAA day

A few co-workers called out sick. I was in the call center at that time. The phones were non-stop all day and the members were irritable because they had to wait a long time to get through to the agents.

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