They have alots of 7 11 in California Not so many in my area of Texas.

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How character references can help you land a job

If you have a poor work history, gaps in employment, a criminal record or other problems that are hindering your landing a new job, character references can go a long way in bolstering a prospective employer's confidence in bringing you on board.

Who makes the best character reference? Now don't pad the list with your BFFs and running buddies -- Ha! Take time and give this serious consideration. Business owners and managers whom you know well…

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Super advice. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I deal with these issues almost on a daily basis. The type of people you…

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I would love to help you. I don't know if we can post email addresses here or what the policies are. So, not wanting to get thrown…

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I went and above and beyond @ #7Eleven when I

I always made it a point to memorize the customers and remember why they purchased . I found myself knowing what they wanted before they walked into the store, especially cigarettes and hot food.

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What I loved working at #7eleven

I like this store

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In in sou Broward who got feel like going to do it and

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I would love to work for laredo tacos at 7 eleven in Corpus Christi tx

I would love to work for laredo tacis at 7 eleven in corpus christi tx

What made me stay @ #7Eleven was

Lots of hours and good money.

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Cashier/sales associates/stocking.

I have 12 years experience in cashier post.
( I worked at Shell gas statoon _ 4 yrs. & now
I am working at J 7 corpn..(7 Eleven)- 8 yrs.)

Hi George! Follow these few simple steps to find a job opportunity here on Jobcase.

1. Click on Jobs & Companies at the top of…

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Hi Moses,
I found you these job openings at 7-eleven in your area. Good luck!

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Store 11080, 7eleven...

I was comfortable the first few weeks I worked at this store. But then my hours were cut back, until one of my co-workers left. I was told to keep expired and out dated food on the shelves. I was told to continue selling scratch off tickets even though we were sent a message to stop as there were no more winners. I was left alone on 3rd shift most of time. The only employee in a bad neighborhood over might dealing with drunks and addicts…

Even us customers knew first had what you were subjected to, and that horrid work load. Some people making such a mess for you to…

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Drama at #7eleven

Had a talk with them to c what i did to make them angry sp it wouldmt happem agaon

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I enjoy nelping other,work grug reh.

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If anyone is looking for a job at 7-Eleven the one on boardwalk and Harmony in Fort Collins Colorado is looking for people with experience and clean background

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